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How Effective Is Forskolin Belly Buster?

Getting to Know the Product

Forskolin Belly Buster touts to be a weight loss supplement to be of excellent quality made from pure and natural components. It purports to help the customers torch fat faster than with dieting and working out solely. The company behind the supplement also guarantees that their product is an innovative discovery in the weight loss industry. Forskolin Belly Buster swears to promote total weight loss by the use of the active component, which is Coleus Forskohlii extract.

Product Mechanism

Forskolin was first featured on Dr. Oz television program. It was depicted as a root-based substance that came from the Plectranthus barbatus plant, which is said to have been utilized for hundreds of years for the purpose of curing heart-linked conditions. The said plant became widely known in the present times courtesy of its debut on television.

Based on the info on the official site, forskolin is able to increase the body’s cyclic AMP (cAMP) levels. It then controls the secretion of hormone-sensitive lipase, which is an enzyme that aids in the torching of more fat in the body. It is said that there’s 10 percent of forskolin in every capsule of the supplement, which is considered to be the maximum dose in order to help you shed pounds.

Product Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

1 Bottle: $53.98

Buy 2, Get 1 Free: $104.97

Buy 3, Get 2 Free: $144.95

Customers can also choose to enroll in the company’s autoship plan, which means you’ll keep on getting monthly supplies of Forskolin Belly Buster with your credit card being automatically charged until you discontinue. As for the money-back guarantee, there’s nothing indicated on the site. On the Terms and Conditions page, they however stated that unsatisfied customers can call their customer support at 1-855-509-5720 or send them an email at support@forskolinbellybuster.com/. They also noted that they only allow refunds depending on the customer’s case.

How Effective Is Forskolin as an Ingredient?

WebMD said that though forskolin has the potential to help with asthma and certain heart diseases, there’s not enough scientific proof that it can help with weight loss. There’s also the issue of the missing product label on the website. We only know forskolin as the supplement’s main ingredient, but since there’s no product label to record every component used, it’s hard to weigh the overall effectiveness of the supplement. It is also important to note that Dr. Oz said in his TV show that you need at least 125mg of 20 percent forskolin to feel any changes. Nonetheless, Forskolin Belly Buster only has 10 percent.

Customer Feedbacks

Forskolin Belly Buster’s URL was only registered back in 2014, so it’s basically a new product in the market. So, as of this writing we weren’t able to find any customer reviews online discussing Forskolin Belly Buster’s effectiveness. Without user reviews, it’ll be hard for many customers to make an informed decision before making a purchase. In general, forskolin supplements (other brands) usually get complaints citing ineffectiveness and the challenge that customers experience when discontinuing their autoship enrollments or processing their refunds. Still, it doesn’t mean that you’ll experience the same with Forskolin Belly Buster, but it’s important information, so customers become more cautious.

Moreover, Forskolin Belly Buster is developed by the company also called Forskolin Belly Buster, LCC. It is mainly headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. When we checked Better Business Bureau, the company wasn’t registered with them. It can also be an issue for many customers that their contact details may be shared with third-party companies for marketing intent. This was discussed in the website’s Privacy Policy. Moreover, when you order Forskolin Belly Buster, you’re also automatically committed to their arbitration agreement, which disables you from filing a case against the company or joining a class-action lawsuit should there be serious problems linked to your use of Forskolin Belly Buster.

What’s the Final Verdict?

Though there’s the wide belief that forskolin can generate significant weight loss benefits, it’s hard to rely on this supplement without solid scientific evidence supporting the ingredient’s effectiveness. Forskolin Belly Buster’s company also needs to provide more information on their website about the supplement’s other ingredients and their respective doses. It is crucial that every detail a customer needs to know is present on the official site. This is important for the sake of giving the consumers an opportunity to make an informed decision. Just bear in mind that proper diet and regular exercise are still vital steps to significantly lose weight.

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