How Effective is Absorbable Calcium and Vitamin D?

    About Absorbable Calcium and Vitamin D

    For sustenance of strong bones, the body consistently disintegrates old bone cells and form new ones. This bodily course resembles to the process of skin replacement wherein the body sheds in order to have new skin cells. In all this, calcium portrays a significant part in the new bone cells creation. Calcium, in order to be used by the body, has to be absorbed and assimilated first. Vitamin D has a significant contribution when it comes to fulfilling this procedure. Without this vitamin to help with the absorption process, calcium only gets eliminated as waste. Also, bear in mind that you’re also required to do weight-enduring workouts to fortify your bones and improve your bone health in general. For this specific reason, nearly all calcium products also have Vitamin D. One of such nutritional supplements in the market is called Absorbable Calcium and Vitamin D. In this review, we’ll know if this supplement is a value for money or not.

    What are the Components?

    The ingredient profile is crucial to any supplement’s effectiveness, as well as safety. As for Absorbable Calcium and Vitamin D, it has the following components:

    Vitamin D
    Soybean oil
    Vegetable glycerine
    Soy lecithin
    Corn oil

    Absorbable Calcium and Vitamin D Mechanism

    This particular calcium supplement is manufactured by Puritan’s Pride, a well-known company recognized for its dedication in creating quality nutritional products. With this, the company has since established itself as a reputable manufacturer of health-related products. Absorbable Calcium and Vitamin D essentially functions by providing the body with sufficient calcium, which is crucial for the formation of new bone cells. Of course, it also has Vitamin D to increase the amalgamation of calcium in the system. One serving of Absorbable Calcium and Vitamin D contains 2 softgels of the product. It has an overall amount of 1,200 mg of calcium, plus 1,000 IU of Vitamin D. The latter is provided in the form of D3 cholecalciferol.

    What are the Product Features?

    Absorbable Calcium and Vitamin D is made by a well-known company with a well-regarded image in the business.
    The supplement is reasonably priced, suitable for customers who are budget conscious.
    There are several discounts and promotions that can be found on multiple online stores.
    Absorbable Calcium and Vitamin D is easily available. You can buy it from wither online or physical stores.
    It’s one of the most well-known dietary supplement brands that are sold in a reasonable price.
    It has calcium and vitamin D, of course, which work hand in hand to secure bone strength and overall health.
    Absorbable Calcium and Vitamin D has a lot of positive feedbacks from customers.
    It is presented in a softgel form, which customers can gulp down with ease; unlike huge tablets, which can be uncomfortable when being swallowed.

    On the other hand, there’s no refund policy provided when purchasing the supplement. It’s also not clinically substantiated in terms of its effectiveness for better bone strength and health. There’s also the fact that excessive consumption of calcium could trigger medical issues. Hence, it’s not ideal for those people who are not calcium-deficient. If you already have enough calcium, taking Absorbable Calcium and Vitamin D can pose more harm than good.

    Safety Precautions and Reminders

    Bear in mind that excessive consumption of certain vitamins and minerals may also be dangerous for your overall health and well-being. The best reason for taking supplementation of nutrients is if your body doesn’t have enough of them. For instance, too much intake of calcium can prove to be harmful than beneficial because it could disrupt iron absorption and offset certain prescription drugs. In the case of any pre-existing conditions or the fact that you’re taking any prescription drugs, it is vital that you speak with your physician first. You should do the same caution if you’re a woman and you’re expecting or breastfeeding.


    Absorbable Calcium and Vitamin D is a decent supplement that should be considered. It helps that it comes from a well-known manufacturer in the business. It’s also great that despite being produced by a reputable company, it is still reasonably priced. The only thing worth noting when taking this supplement is your calcium consumption. You need to make sure that your intake doesn’t become excessive.


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