High Fat Diet vs. Low Fat Diet- Which Will Allow You to Live Longer?

    The argument as to whether a diet rich in fats is healthy for us or not is one that has been debated for some time now-which many people are still confused about. Most dieticians, nutritionists, and now even the average person knows that fats are an essential part of their diets, in it being essential in carrying out various functions within the body.

    With that being said the vast majority of us aren’t eating enough of the good, heart healthy fats that we need-while eating plenty of the unhealthy bad fats. For those of us who are more conscious of our weight and are dieting, low-carb high fat diets may be more effective in losing weight than a low fat diet.

    Why Might a Diet High in Fat Help You Lose Weight as Opposed to One That’s Not?

    The major difference between the two diets, and why one higher in fat may be more healthy than one that is not has a lot to do with the sugar content within the foods, and how much they are processed.

    Foods that tend to be lower in fat and higher in carbs are ones that also contain a lot of added sugars and refined grains, which are easily broken down and digested by the body. This leads to problems related to diabetes and other potentially harmful diseases.

    Replacing these food items with ones that have calories that come from healthy whole fats have been shown to be better for our overall health. Here are some benefits that whole fat foods bring to the table:

    Easier to Sustain Weight Loss

    One of the most difficult things to do on a diet is to lose weight, and then to keep that weight off over a long period of time. Many diets are effective when it comes to losing the weight, however many fall flat when it comes to longevity.

    Replacing food items that are high in sugars and carbs with ones that are high in fats are a sustainable way to do so. This is because you are just swapping out those carb calories for fat calories, and are not depriving yourself in the process. This is key in maintaining weight loss, as it is a diet you can stick to for the long term.

    Helps to Balance Hormones

    Hormones play a huge role in our health, and control processes in our bodies that happen over a long period of time. Fats and cholesterols found in our foods are what our bodies use to synthesize and utilize these hormones, which helps to keep us healthy.

    One example of this is the formation of cellular membranes, which is done through the use of cholesterol. Membranes are essential when it comes to controlling what flows in and out of our cells, including its ability to fight off disease.

    Proper Absorption of Nutrients

    Fats which we get from our diets contain lipid molecules, which are essential when it comes to various things including nutrient absorption. Some nutrients that we get from our diet are water soluble, while others are fat soluble.

    Those that are fat soluble such as vitamins A, D, E and K require the presence of fats or lipids in order for the body to be able to synthesize and store them. Fats are also essential in energy storage, signal transduction, enzyme activation among other things.

    Fights Disease and Improves Life Span

    Believe it or not a diet high in whole fats is going to have less saturated fats than one that revolves around a lower fat diet. This means that diets high in whole fats actually do not raise blood cholesterol levels and may even be beneficial when it comes to cardiovascular health.

    High fat diets also help to better regulate insulin sensitivity, which is a major issue many people struggle with. In addition, a diet low in fat and high in carbs is more prone to cause diabetes as well, further illuminating the role of saturated fat on our health.

    Can Help You Lose Weight

    It seems counterintuitive, but a diet high in healthy fats may actually help you lose weight as well. This has to do with how our brain communicates with the body in regards to hunger, which is affected greatly by fat.

    A diet high in fat is believed to better help control a hormone called gherlin which plays a role in how hungry we are. Suppressing this hormone helps to reduce cravings, making you less prone to grab a snack here and there.


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