Great Foods That Are Less Than 50 Calories

    There are many great foods that are less than 50 calories. These are not all snacks either. You can eat healthy even during your meals. Whether you are hoping that you could lose a few pounds or you just wanted to count your calories to eat better, these foods are great to add to your list. Also, now that you have this list, you can easily have some foods to add to your grocery list. Now that you know it is possible to count your calories and it doesn’t need to be difficult, you can make some great recipes out of these foods as well.


    Did you know that just over an ounce of tuna that is put into water is only 50 calories? It is true and you can put that onto one sandwich. You can also add into to a pasta meal. It is also very tasty to add tuna into vegetables as well.


    Dill Pickles

    Did you know that only six of the dill pickles will be 50 calories? If you love pickles this is the way for you to go. You can eat them for a snack or put them onto the side of your lunch or dinner. You can also cut them up into pieces and add them into a dish you are making as well.

    Egg Whites

    Did you know that just two of the whites on eggs will be 50 calories? Yes, this means no longer eating the whole egg all the time but the whites are healthier for you. They are tasty and you can use the egg whites for many new and exciting recipes.


    Did you know that one slice pineapple will be 50 calories? If you love fruit, especially pineapple, then this one is for you to add to the next grocery list. The one slice of pineapple can be eaten on its own for a snack. You can cut it up and add it into yogurt or you can put it into a fruit dessert.


    Did you know that ten asparagus spears will be 50 calories? That is quite a bit of asparagus for such a low number of calories. If you think you don’t like asparagus, experiment with various recipes. Sometimes it just the way you make it that changes whether you like it or not.


    Did you know that fifty blueberries will be 50 calories? That is a great deal for your health and nutrition. Blueberries are filled with amazing vitamins that you need every day. It is even better to put the blueberries into some oatmeal in the morning. That would make for a very tasty breakfast.

    American Cheese

    Did you know that one slice American Cheese that is fat-free will be 50 calories? If you want a quick snack, you could always grab a piece of cheese. The only note on this one is not to make it too regular of a snack as you don’t want too much dairy in your diet.


    Did you know that one ounce of smoked salmon will be 50 calories? If you love smoked salmon, now you have even more of a reason to eat it. Salmon is amazing for your health and would be a great snack and it would be amazing to add into your breakfast, lunch or dinner as well.



    Did you know that ten grapes will be 50 calories? If you want another fruit option, this one is low in calories and is full of more vitamins for your daily recommendations. You can get grapes for quite cheap and they last quite a while compared to other fruit.


    Did you know that ten cherries will be 50 calories? The other fact is that cherries are one of the healthiest and most nutritious fruits for you to eat. They are full of vitamins, anti-oxidants and more. Eating these will help you out tremendously.


    Did you know that one kiwi will be 50 calories? If you would like a sweeter snack every once in a while, kiwi is the way to go? It is not one of the most commonly eaten fruits but many people love it. If you do, now you know it can go on your list of low calorie foods.

    These are some of the great foods that are less than 50 calories. Make sure you add them to your grocery list.


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