Full Body Manscaping Guide

    Full Body Manscaping Guide - Webmdmen

    Want to avoid looking like Chewbacca without going full on Christian Bale in American Psycho? Learn where you NEED to trim from top to toe. Keep that tugging and chaffing under control, and stop being mistaken for a patchy Sasquatch on the beach this summer. Step into my office.

    Neck Up:

    Keep the beard clean and trim, don’t shave at the jaw line, and don’t let your facial hair connect all the way to your chest. Make sure you get a clean line at the barber and consistently shave your neck. Neck hair and a sloppy hair line are a big no-no.7a

    If nose hair naturally leaves your nostrils, it is time for a trim. Purchase a nose hair trimmer or go old school with some conventional trimming scissors. Same goes for ear hair, if it is showin’ stop it from growin’.

    As far as eyebrows go, this is sort of a gray area. The bottom line for brows is that there should be two of them. Light and occasional tweezing should do the job. Going for a full brow wax may leave you looking permanently surprised.


    Arms, Legs, and Chest:

    Leave the arms and legs alone. It is really difficult to get an even trim on arm and leg hair. It is a good idea to pluck or shave stray upper arm hairs, but unless you are trying to become more aerodynamic, keep things furry friends.7b

    As far as your pits go, pit hair wriggling its way out from a t-shirt sleeve is a pretty bad look. Use scissors or a trimmer to keep over growth at bay.

    The chest is always complicated…and lets admit it, we’ve all made some mistakes here. What you don’t want is a “reverse tee shirt”. If you have naturally hairy arms and legs don’t just wax your chest. Keep your chest hair in proportion with the rest of your hair on your body.

    Back and Glutes:

    Back hair has got to go, especially if it is creeping up acting as an extension from your butt hair. If you are getting your back done, get your butt done while you are at it. Hit the waxing salon and call it a day. Make sure to have proper waxing aftercare. For example, don’t slather on sun block right after a wax, it will feel as though you set yourself on fire.

    The Package:

    Consistently shaving this area can be a real pain. Don’t go completely nude in this area. Pubic hair serves a purpose, to protect the genital area. It is polite and encouraging to keep things clean and trim in this area. Get the undercarriage area waxed and leave the front trimmed. This is the cleanest way to do things without having frontal stubble and in-grown hairs.


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