Feeling Stressed Out? Try These 9 Yoga Poses to Relax Your Mind This Summer Instantly

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Yoga and Yoga Poses

There are many causes of stress. Some of the major causes of stress are relationship conflicts, work pressure, study pressure, financial insecurity, and more. The study shows that the level of stress among teenagers is very high.

According to the study, regular yoga may help you fight stress, anxiety, and depression. You may already be doing quite a bit of yoga, but I’m pretty sure that you’re still searching for additional yoga poses to release your stress. How do I know? It’s because you are here reading this article. Furthermore, there are so many yoga poses to know that no matter how much you know, there will still be more poses to explore.

All the yoga poses have their own specialties, which is the reason you should know in detail about various poses. It’s also important to mix various types of poses to get maximum health benefits. Some yoga poses may help you enhance your sex drive while other yoga poses can help you release your stress.

Nine Yoga Poses to Calm Your Mind

In this section of the article, we will look at nine different yoga poses, which you can try this summer to calm your mind. These yoga poses can be mastered by anyone, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced yoga trainer. Some of the poses listed here may be difficult, but you will be able to master it with the time gradually. One should search for ways to manage the stress from a very early age. Here are nine yoga poses to try out to calm your mind this summer.

  1. Cat-Cow Poses

The first yoga pose on the list is cat-cow poses. These poses will help you overcome constant fluctuations in your mind, and it will calm your nervous system. These poses are very easy to try out. You will attract positive energy throughout your body and mind with the help of these poses.

  1. child pose yogaChild’s pose

This pose will stretch your lower back and hips, which will help in decreasing your fatigue and stress. To try out this pose, you should first position yourself with your big toes touching the ground while resting on your thighs. After that, you should relax your arms with your palms facing upwards. Take deep breaths up to 5-10 minutes in the same position.

  1. Cobra Pose

This pose is a bit challenging, but it’s very effective at the same time. It helps in enhancing your energy level, mood, and it strengthens your back. For the cobra pose, you should slowly lean forward from the child’s pose to lie face down. Rest your palms and press your toes forward gently on the ground. Take a couple of gentle breaths and exhale. While exhaling, slowly put your palms down and lower your chest. If you’re thinking of how to improve memory, then yoga may help you to sharpen your memory.

  1. Warrior II Pose

Warrior II Pose is a simple yoga pose, which greatly helps in releasing your stress and tensions. This pose will remind you of your strength and ability to stand strong against the challenges of life.

  1. Dancer Pose

It’s a very cool yoga pose, and it’s not only for dancers. Anyone can implement this pose. It’s a beautiful pose that symbolizes grace and elegance. You will feel light and happy while you’re in this pose. It releases your stress and tensions, and it will open the eyes of your heart.

  1. Crow Pose

Here’s a fact about the crow pose. It’s a very effective pose, but it’s not an easy pose to try. It takes some time to master this pose, but you will feel very happy if you manage to master this pose. It helps to enhance your focus, strength, and concentration. Staying in this pose will make you happy and calm your mind. Having a strong mind will also help you overcome the symptoms of depression.

  1. Wheel Pose

This pose is not a difficult pose to try at all. If you’re involved in gymnastics, then you will have no problem in mastering this pose. It’s simply a backbend. There are numerous studies that show that backbends release endorphins (a hormone that plays a role in releasing pain and enhancing the feeling of happiness). You will feel very energetic after staying in this pose.

  1. Pigeon Pose

pigeon pose yogaThis pose will remind you to create space for positivity and to say goodbye to sorrows or any burdens you’re carrying on your hips.

  1. Headstand

It’s yet another challenging pose to master. However, this pose is very effective in calming your mind. It makes you look at your life from a whole new perspective while you feel the blood flowing throughout your body, which helps in building positive energy.


Having sound mental health is just as important as having sound physical health. There are many people who suffer from various mental disorders, such as anxiety disorder, depression, and more because of excess stress. The people who cannot control their stress are the ones who go on to suffer from various mental disorders. If you are able to implement these yoga poses properly, then you may be able to reduce your stress this summer.

In addition to yoga, you can try out various other stress management techniques. You should be active in regular workouts as well, as the study shows that regular workouts can help in reducing stress. Lastly, you should remember that yoga and other forms of stress management techniques are not for treating chronic stress and anxiety. You should immediately consult your doctor in case of severe stress and anxiety disorder.

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