Facts About Sperm

    Sperm. The word conjures up many experiences. From your first ejaculation to your first baby, your sperm has been there to witness it all. You may, at times, fault your sperm for many embarrassing experiences. Classroom embarrassments, first date embarrassments and let’s not forget those quick sexual relations. But, your sperm is so much more than just these relationships, it is the necessary half needed to continue our species.

    So, with that last thought in mind, let’s explore some facts about your sperm.

    #1 75 DAYS

    Sperm takes 75 days to mature in the testicles. Every second you are alive and able to make sperm you create 1,500 new sperm every second of every day. So, in just two and a half months you have a fresh batch of sperm to use as you please.


    Despite what many people think, sperm is so much more than just semen. In fact, about 10% of sperm is semen. The rest is a pleasant mixture of potassium, vitamin C, phosphorous, vitamin B12, nitrogen, calcium, and fructose. In addition, semen has nearly the same amount of protein as the white of a chicken’s egg.


    Sperm has either an “X” female chromosome or a “Y” male chromosome. So, men determine the gender of the baby. It has been said that male sperm swims at a faster rate than the female sperm, but that the female sperm is stronger and able to survive the journey to the egg.

    male sperm swims at a faster rate than the female sperm


    When you ejaculate, the amount of semen is roughly the same as half of a teaspoon. You may want to check this for yourself. If you find that you have more than half a teaspoon of semen, great news, you are doing better than other men.

    #5 200 MILLION

    Human males output nearly 200 million sperm with each ejaculation. This is nearly the same amount of sperm as rabbits but pales in comparison to the pig. Each ejaculation of the pig outputs eight billion sperm in order to prolong their species.


    The human vagina is very acidic. To counteract this, the male sperm has a pH level that protects the sperm when they are in the vagina. While sperm can live five days in a more hospitable vagina, the usual time they remain alive is between 24 and 48 hours. This is a very low number, especially compared to the bat. Their sperm can live within the female bat for 145 days.


    In the case of sperm, not using it does not mean you will lose it. If you are not sexually active and do not masturbate, either, your sperm will die and be reabsorbed. As you make 1500 sperm per second, this is not a large loss.


    While women go through menopause and stop releasing eggs, you and all of the other men produce sperm for your entire life. While some of your sperm can make it to the woman’s egg, they are as old as you are. Often, as you grow older, your sperm may contain more areas that may produce an infant who has issues later in life or at birth. It is important to keep that in mind as you grow older.


    find the foods that produce the healthiest spermIf you want your sperm to stay in good condition, you must maintain a good diet. Certain foods make your sperm taste better, such a pineapple, citrus, and grapefruit. These are highly acidic fruits which can combat the bitter taste of your sperm which is due to the pH level. Other foods, such as bananas, asparagus, garlic, walnuts, lean beef, and chocolate can help your semen remain happy and healthy. But, it is important to remember that these foods also affect the taste and smell of your sperm, so you may want to find the foods that produce the healthiest sperm and give your ejaculations the best taste and smell.


    While the above foods can boost your sperm, activities like smoking, alcohol, and foods like sausage, bacon, cheese can produce sperm that does not function as well. This sperm may be sluggish, which can lead to lowered fertility.

    After you have learned all of these effects on your sperm and other facts about your sperm, you can now take even better care of yourself. To boost your testosterone, stamina, penis size, and overall satisfaction, give natural male enhancement supplements a try!


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