Evo Brain Pill Review: How Safe and Effective is This Product?

    Evo Brain Pill Overview

    This brain supplement is said to be a nootropic that uses 100% pure and natural components, which have the power to enhance your cognitive capacities, such as memory and focus, among others. Nowadays, more and more brain supplements are introduced in the market and Evo Brain Pill is one of the latest additions to the category of neutraceuticals that are designed to improve the brain.

    In 2014, Evo Brain Pill was named the Number 1 focus supplement, but is this really for real? Is the product itself for real? Or is it just a part of a marketing stunt designed to fool us? We did some digging we found out some important details and information. Read further to know.

    Evo Brain Pill Ingredients

    The principal component in Evo Brain Pill is 100% natural Royal Bee Pollen, which is something that’s similar to NATUREBEE Potentiated Bee Pollen. Aside from this, Evo Brain Pill also consists of other components, such as:

    Thiamin 40mgshutterstock_126766466
    Niacin 25mg
    Vitamin B6 500mcg
    Vitamin B5 30mg
    Bee Pollen 400mg
    Caffeine 75mg
    Among others

    Reminder: There is a text next to Evo’s label referencing Meclofenoxate. Weirdly though, this ingredient is nowhere to be seen on the label.

    The company behind Evo Brain Pill asserts that their product came to being courtesy of more than 50 years of research. The company also touts that they are dedicated in making the greatest selection of components when it comes to creating health supplements. By using Evo Brain Pill, they claim that the following results can be achieved:

    Enhanced focus
    Enhanced short and long-term memory
    Improved energy
    Improved mood
    Augmented IQ
    Better cognitive capabilities

    This brain supplement is in the capsule form and contains immediate absorption formula that makes it hasty in terms of producing results. Every dose of Evo Brain Pill corresponds to two capsules.

    Evo Brain Pill Cost & Refund Rules

    Evo Brain Pill can only be purchased directly from the company it comes from. Below are the options:shutterstock_384995473
    1-Month Supply: $39.95
    2-Month Supply: $64.95
    3-Month Supply: $89.95

    Your order will be delivered to you on the same day provided that they receive your order by 5 pm. This is written on the product site.

    Purchase of this product includes a 30-day money back guarantee with discounted shipping and handling fees. There’s a $5 restocking fee, too. Based on the rules in their ‘Terms of Use’ page, you have to contact the company within 20 days by calling 866-305-6665 so that you can get a Return Merchandise Authorization or a RMA number. This is if it is your first time to make an order.

    Can Evo Brain Pill Improve Mental Functions?

    Now you have gotten to know a little bit about Evo Brain Pill, will it be worth your money? Basing on our research and further examination of the product, it seems unlikely. Below are the reasons:

    Claiming to have Undergone 50 Years of Research

    On the product’s official site, it was claimed Evo Brain Pill is the Number 1 focus supplement in 2014 and that it took 50 years of study and tests before the supplement came to life. These really seem appealing, but there’s no evidence substantiating these assertions. It is not unusual that some companies use the “#1” labels as part of their marketing tactic. The few clinical studies mentioned on the site only talked about the ingredients in the formula, and not the product itself.

    Product Website

    The official site of Evo Brain Pill is complex to explore. It was so hard we had to conduct an outside search to be able to find a label and list of components. Also, many professional reviews, as well as feedbacks from customers arrived on a consensus that there’s nothing in Evo Brain Pill that has been demonstrated to improve mental functions or sustain brain wellness. Thus, most people think of Evo Brain Pill as nothing but a product created with much hype.

    Customer Reviews

    It’s also a cause for concern that most of the online feedbacks for Evo Brain Pill were negative. The most typical criticism for this product is its failure to work. More importantly, the company behind Evo Brain Pill, the Innovated Health LCC has an underwhelming rating of F with the Better Business Bureau. This is based on the 12 complaints the company has received in the past three years. The company also chose to be silent on the matter. These complaints are usually about failing to give out refunds, bad customer service, and failing to settle those products that were never received by the customers.

    Mainstream Endorsements

    Evo Brain Pill also says that this supplement has been featured on several television shows on NBC, CNNHealth, USA Today and other channels, but there are no links to show these. Thus, it appears that this is another marketing ploy to give the impression that the product is recognized and reputable when it’s not. Learn more about these ploys in the article 6 Ways to Spot a Scam Website in Less than 30 Seconds published on HighYa.

    Pollen-Related Allergies

    If you know you have allergies with bee or pollen, then Evo Brain Pill is obviously not for you since bee pollen is the main component in this supplement. Also, bee pollen does not have any definite scientific proof that it is actually capable of bringing mental improvements or even enhancements on general health. Talk to your doctor before taking any new supplement.

    Evo Brain Pill Final Verdict

    As mentioned earlier, Evo Brain Pill’s company failed to show clinical evidence proving their health claims to be genuine. Plus, there’s the fact that the manufacturer of the product is not very famous among customers for their poor customer service among other issues. Surely, there are other brain supplements from a more highly regarded company.


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