Every Answer to the Most Important Penis Enlargement Questions

by Mike Stewart
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Penis enlargement has always been a hot-button topic in the supplement industry. Some so-called experts think penis enlargement is a sham, and others attest to the effectiveness of penis enlargement pills. Both sides have decent points worth considering, but which side should you listen to?

Should you trust penis enlargement pills?

Supplements that claim to increase size have been around since the 90s. At the time, Viagra was just approved by the FDA, and there was a great interest in supplements that could help improve sexual performance. Viagra proved that an oral drug could work to improve erection quality, and new supplement companies jumped at the chance to ride the coattails of Viagra to sell products that are aimed towards consumers that would believe just about anything.

When companies realized that it’s a lot easier to trick customers into buying snake oil products, the sexual enhancement claims went from plausible to insane. Companies started claiming that their supplements can increase the size by as much as 5 inches. Some products claim to give men a girthier penis. It went crazier, and crazier – and that’s where the whole distrust towards penis enlargement pills came from.

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Over the years, the male enhancement segment never fully recovered from the negative stigma of products made over a decade ago. Convincing consumers that penis enlargement pills work is like making college kids believe that Santa Claus is real after all. Still, no one can deny that there’s a significant demand for real penis enlargement pills, but only if it works.

Now, the real question is – do penis enlargement pills work?

Every Answer to the Most Important Penis Enlargement Questions

For the most part, increasing your penis size is plausible, but only to a certain degree. You can’t expect to realistically add more than 2 inches to your length and girth. That goes beyond what is possible. But if we’re talking about having a visible increase in your peak erection size and hardness, you’d be surprised that some of the best male enhancement supplements in the industry had already made it happen.

Penis enlargement is a complex process, just like having an erection is a multi-layered process. When men get sexually excited, the brain reacts by sending signals to the blood vessels to increase blood flow to the penile artery, which supplies blood to the cavernous spaces in the penis. The cavernous spaces temporarily trap the blood, which causes an erection.

Peak erection size vs Penis enlargement

Every Answer to the Most Important Penis Enlargement Questions

What most men do not realize is that most erections that men have are not their peak erections. There 9 out of 10 times, a man’s erection only reaches a point that it’s hard enough to penetrate, but has not yet reached its peak size. There will always be moments in a man’s life when they get an extraordinarily robust erection, fully engorged and rigid, and slightly larger than the erections they used to have.

Premium male enhancement supplements work on the factors that affect erections, such as blood flow and testosterone, to make peak erections more common. The increase in testosterone levels elevates the user’s libido, while vasodilators widen the penile artery to allow more blood to pass through the cavernous spaces in the penis. This helps to stretch out the elastic penile tissue, giving users their peak erection size and hardness.

Is there a way to increase peak erection size?

Yes, but not all male enhancement supplements are capable of increasing your peak erection size. One of the best supplements in the industry, Male UltraCore, has created a formula that has a compounding effect, which means that its results build up over time. It has an intense blend of testosterone-boosting agents, nitric oxide boosters, and PDE-5 inhibitors, which all work together to produce a real improvement in erection quality.

Over time, the compounding effect of Male UltraCore intensifies its impact on the user’s erection quality. Reaching your peak erection size repeatedly would loosen the elastic penile tissue, allowing it to expand further during an erection, and effectively add size and girth.

How long will it take for me to increase my size?

How quickly you progress depends on a lot of factors, such as your age, diet, and lifestyle. The quality of the supplement you take matters most when you’re aiming for an increase in size. Make sure to get premium male enhancement supplements like Male UltraCore to ensure that you get your results. Male UltraCore users typically experience an increase within 8-12 weeks of consistent use.


The supplement industry has changed a lot since the 90s, and we now have a product that can actually increase size – but it would be smart to be realistic with your expectations. You can’t expect to double your size with just oral supplements, and you can’t expect results overnight. Real results take time, and you need to be consistent and patient, and you’ll eventually improve your erections, and maybe even add to your peak erection size and hardness.

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