Does Phenocal Really Burn Fat?

by Michael Griffin
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Phenocal by Pharmaxa Labs Review:

Phenocal claims to be an all-natural fat burning supplement. Many companies are now hopping on the all-natural band wagon as a marketing tactic, but the standard for “all-natural” is non-existence. Product manufactures will jack up prices simply because they added the word natural to their product, but where is the proof to back up their claims?

The Company Claims…

phenocal-company-claims-healthy-habitsPharmaxa Labs claims to craft their product from all herbal ingredients combined into one fat burning supplement. They believe they can help overweight people on an international scale, lose weight with their new pill. They do not market a magic pill like most companies, which is a good sign. They include a booklet with the pills that outlines a weight-loss system that is holistic for users to follow. The packet includes a diet and exercise regiment that will yield ideal results when performed in conjunction with taking the herbal supplement daily. This will help yo-yo dieters establish real healthy habits and not rely on a quick fix pill for results. The pill will help them with their initial weight loss without heavy stimulants and synthetic appetite suppressants that give lightning results that usually end in disaster. Price: $39.95 (150 capsules)

Phenocal Earth-Derived Ingredients

phenocal-ingredients-hoodia-gordoniiChromium is included to help curb users’ carb cravings Folic Acid helps to melt the extra fat Fucoxanthin raises the metabolism to help the body burn calories Glucomannan soluble fiber that makes users feel more satisfied and also helps with regular bowel movements. Cocoa contains polyphenols that work to prevent fat from forming in the body. Hoodia Gordonii is an appetite suppressant from South Africa Green Tea Leaf Extract helps to boost metabolism and prevent cancer 5 HTP (5-Hydroxyptophan) while this may sound like a chemical or synthetic substance it is a naturally occurring serotonin booster which prevents weight gain.

Product Review:

At the end of the day, the manufacturer seems genuine about wanting to help others loose weight the healthy way without dangerous weight-loss pills or gimmicks. The goal here being to lose weight, but keep it off after using only herbs to support the process. It seems the herbal compound is not meant to just act as a catalyst on its own for dramatic weight loss results. It is meant to support a total lifestyle change. The ingredients are very powerful and  good for any person to be taking as they are really, actually ALL-NATURAL! Who would’ve thought? I would recommend this product to anyone who is willing to work hard and stick to a lifestyle change over a long period of time. I would also recommend this to anyone sensitive to stimulants and other ingredients in weight-loss products, this could be a great alternative for those with weaker stomachs or trying to live a healthier more organic life.

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