Does Green Tea Fat Burner Really Work?

    Does Green Tea Fat Burner Really Work?


    Green tea is a known fat burner and has been for decades now. There are tons of different health benefits that you can gain from drinking green tea every day. But who has time to drink cups and cups of green tea every single day, all year round? Also the amount you would need to drink to see substantial benefits is incredible. That is why green tea has become a popular ingredient in supplements, there can be an extract that is much more powerful in a convenient capsule that makes for easy delivery.

    What is inside green tea that makes it so powerful?

    Antioxidants– antioxidants help to fight off free radicals that are known to cause cancer once they proliferate in the body. Antioxidants help to detoxify the body and higher the metabolic power within your digestive system so you can get more energy from your food and less fat.Green Tea Extract

    Caffeine– there is a slight amount of caffeine found in green tea, not nearly as much as your morning Americano, but it still gives a lift in energy, you have more energy to work out without the nervousness and jitters or insomnia. Caffeine also well help to suppress the appetite throughout the day and keep you from feeling sluggish.

    About the Product Green Tea Fat Burner

    Green Tea Fat Burner is created by a company called Applied Nutrition. Applied Nutrition is not a heavy hitting pharmaceutical brand. The can be found though in some retail outlets like your local grocery store. The Green Tea Fat Burner is a capsule that you take twice daily do help support a diet and exercise plan, ideally. There are other ingredients besides green tea in this product that make it such a viable weight loss tool. It helps users sustain their energy despite their dieting habits.

    The Ingredient List For Green Tea Fat Burner

    Green tea extract, caffeine, chromium, citrus aurantium extract, betaine, cayenne, bladderwack root, Eleuthero root, ginger root, Guarana seed, Yerba mate leaf and licorice.

    While this is a short ingredient list, it is all-natural and herbal. Yerba Mate is also known to boost the metabolism and contains some caffeine that is known to give alertness and mental clarity. Many of these ingredients are found in other weight loss supplements and have been clinically proven for their effectiveness. What we do not know, is if there are any clinical tests that prove Green Tea Fat Burner is an effective supplement.

    The Pros of Green Tea Fat Burner

    The tea has clinically proven ingredients

    Boosts the metabolism

    Has caffeine to give you energy without the jitters

    Is relatively affordable

    Has several other highly effective ingredients besides just green tea extract

    It is easy to purchase online or in stores.

    The Cons of Green Tea Fat Burner

    It is not a highly popular product and we do not have so much scientific information about the productWeight Loss Tea

    The company is not very well known

    The product does not even have a website

    There is no way to get your money back once you purchase

    Many reviewers found the product to be ineffective for them


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