Does GNC Pro Professional Hybrid Test Complex Work?

    GNC Pro Professional Hybrid Test Complex Overview

    GNC Pro Professional Hybrid Test Complex is basically a male enhancement supplement that claims to increase testosterone levels so that it’s easier to develop muscles and obtain greater athletic functions and overall performance.

    Moreover, it’s appreciated that the company behind this supplement, which is GNC, provides comprehensive info on its components and the quantity of each. Still, these ingredients present in GNC Pro Professional Hybrid Test Complex’s formulation lack clinical evidence that they’re both safe and efficient since there’s possibility of producing side effects. With this inadequate scientific proof, the supplement still sets itself to be expensive compared with similar male enhancement products in the market.

    GNC launched this new supplement in order to design the bodies to have an edge. Given the name GNC Pro Professional Hybrid Test Complex, it promises to provide remarkable benefits with regards augmenting of T levels for muscle building and achieving greater performance when training.

    Moreover, the company is recognized in the business for manufacturing high-quality supplements at affordable costs. Is the new product, Pro Professional Hybrid Test Complex, consistent with this practice? Let’s find out by getting to know the supplement further.

    What are the Components Present?

    This supplement is recommended to be consumed three times (1 capsule each time) per day. Pro Professional Hybrid Test Complex contains two components that are promised to increase one’s testosterone levels, support anabolic activities, and enhance the customer’s athletic functions and overall performance.

    The ingredients are as follows:

    TribulusTerrestris Fruit Extract (1000 mg)

    Based on some clinical tests conducted, use of this ingredient has been shown to increase the levels of testosterone in primates and other animals.

    Nonetheless, the use of tribulus terrestris is not capable of generating improved anabolic outcome or function. In a research performed in a 5-week span, which involved 22 Australian male rugby players, supplementation of tribulus terrestris wasn’t able to generate remarkable improvement in terms of strength and lean muscle mass.

    Testofen Fenugreek Seed Extract (600 mg)

    There’s vagueness as to what this particular component can exactly do. It’s claimed that it can increase the body’s production of testosterone, as well as one’s physical functions and performance.

    In a research, which involved 30 men receiving fenugreek, it’s been shown that there’s a remarkable boost in the production of testosterone levels, building lean muscle mass, and overall athletic functions.

    On the other hand, another study with the purpose of determining fenugreek extract’s true capacity found that the use of this ingredient in men doesn’t help in increasing anabolic performance. This was determined after a study, which involved 45 men.

    The bottom line is that more studies need to be performed in order to obtain more conclusive results, to find out once and for all if fenugreek could really produce positive effects in terms of testosterone generation and anabolic gains.

    Pro Professional Hybrid Test Complex Adverse Effects

    The fenugreek in this supplement can generate adverse manifestations, including diarrhea, bloating, as well as making your urine smell that of a maple syrup, though that smell doesn’t seem so bad.

    Based on other testimonials, this component may also reduce your blood sugar. Hence, those who suffer from diabetes and is taking prescription drugs for the disease shouldn’t take Pro Professional Hybrid Test Complex.

    Buying Pro Professional Hybrid Test Complex

    You can mostly find this supplement from the many GNC stores out there, both on their online site and their physical stores. Buying Pro Professional Hybrid Test Complex online will give you the following selections: $24.29 plus $4.38 shipping and handling $26.99 with free shipping and handling $26.99 with free shipping and handling

    All these offers are for a bottle containing 90 capsules. Moreover, and provide a 30-day refund policy. GNC may be more customer-friendly as they permit returns on opened and used items, while doesn’t.

    What’s the Bottom Line?

    GNC may be a reputable company, but Pro Professional Hybrid Test Complex needs further clinical proof of the effectiveness of its ingredients. It’s good that the list of ingredients along with their respective dosages is present as available information. But it would be so much better if there’s scientific evidence that Pro Professional Hybrid Test Complex can cite in order to back it claims. Still, GNC is a reputable brand, so there’s hope that Pro Professional Hybrid Test Complex may be a good testosterone-boosting supplement if tried. Just bear in mind that the efficacy of any supplement varies. Pro Professional Hybrid Test Complex might not work for others, but it might for you.


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