Do You Want a More Erotic Marriage? Here is How to Get That!

by Michael Griffin
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When you get married, things may stay in the honeymoon phase for quite some time. The length of the honeymoon stage varies depending on the couple. It is jokingly said that most married couples will never have great sex again. However, this doesn’t have to be you. If you are currently losing some of the eroticism in your marriage, you get to change that. You don’t have to hit that seven-year itch that most men talk about. You don’t ever have to lose the passion and eroticism in your sex life. Make your sex life better this year and keep it that way.

Use Emotional Reactions and Actions

preview-full-marriage_476x290-jpg-20151113092323.jpg-q75,dx720y432u1r1gg,c--One of the ways that you can have a more erotic marriage is to use more emotional reactions and actions. Your lady wants to see you as an equal and she wants to know that you are there for her. You should be there for her on a daily basis and you should be there for her when she needs pleasure as well. Listen closely to her sexual needs and work on fulfilling them so you can the type of husband she wants to brag about to her friends.

 Grow Together

Another way that you can make your marriage more erotic is to grow together. There is almost nothing better than growing as a couple into your future. When you are in a marriage, it really should be 50/50. Now this does not mean that everything should be counted and tracked evenly. Sometimes one spouse will be giving more than half and then the roles may switch at another point. Now that you know that growing together is passion for her, make sure you work on doing this more and more.

Sharing Your Internal Thoughts and Needs and Letting Her Share Too

When you are trying to bring more eroticism to your marriage, you need to spend time sharing your internal thoughts and needs. You need to let her do the same. If there is something that either of you need or want sexually, you should be able to share this with each other. As the relationship grows, both of you may want different things sexually than when you first got together. Letting each other know what these things are takes a deep connection and you should have this between the two of you.

No Accusations or Assumptions

When you are in a marriage that you are trying to make more erotic, you need to make sure you aren’t accusing each other of things or making assumptions about what the other person needs or wants. A truly erotic marriage, means that you talk with each other. You don’t assume that you know what the other person wants in bed or when they want it. Just because you are married doesn’t mean you should forget to give them things that bring pleasure to their sexual desires. You shouldn’t accuse her of not knowing what you want or need either. You need to be open and talk to her about it.

Have Desire

If you want to bring more eroticism to your marriage, you should also have more desire. If you have been lacking in sexual desire lately, know that this happens.

Bring More Sexiness Into the Marriage

preview-full-Happy-RelationshipsYou can also have a more erotic marriage by bringing more sexiness into the relationship. You both can do this. Don’t just rely on her for doing this. Yes, she can wear sexy outfits and show off her body to you but you can do the same. Maybe you can wear boxers that are sexier for her. You can show off your muscle to her. If she loves it when you dance with her, do this as well. The more sexiness you have in the marriage, the longer the eroticism will last. Don’t let your marriage become dry. You can keep having an erotic marriage years and years into the relationship. Keep it going forever and ever and don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t still have fun and excitement in your marriage.

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