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Do Quest Protein Bars Even Work?

Do Quest Protein Bars Even Work?


When you are on a diet, sometimes the best thing in the world can be a delicious power bar to keep you going through out your day. It can almost feel like a dessert at times those chocolately, crunchy bits melting in your mouth, making you feel even just a little bit naughty. When you are working out and dieting your body needs protein to keep you satisfied and properly fueled for your work outs and your life. Quest Protein bar has been on the nutrition bar scene for some time now. So why has this bar had so much staying power on the market?

We are about to find out during this comprehensive review of Quest Protein Bars…

About the Bar

Protein bars aren’t just for body builders trying to bulk up for a competition, everyone needs extra protein to build lean muscle and help to reduce body weight. If you eat the bar before a workout it can give you the strength to power through and your body then has more protein bioavailable in the body to help build muscle. The bar has essential amino acids that help to prevent fat from forming around the muscles.

What are some of the key ingredients in the bar?

The bar has 20-25 grams of quality whey isolate protein per serving. There are also sugar and carbs in the bar, so it is not just completely protein.

The bar contains:

  • Soy and milkIngredients of Quest Protein Bars
  • Whey protein
  • Soybeans
  • Almonds
  • Peanuts
  • Sea salt
  • Oats
  • Coconut

Pros of Eating a Quest Protein Bar

Helps to build lean muscle

Vital Amino Acids Inside

20 grams of protein

Prevents fat deposits from forming

Gives you Energy

Helps to mend tissue after a workout, shortness duration of soreness

Convenient and easy to bring with you on the go

Support a healthy weight loss plan

The Cons of Eating A Quest Protein Bar

Soy protein isolate is known to cause digestive issues for some peopleBuild muscle

There is still sugar and carbs in the bar you can’t just eat them all the time

If you are not using the bar as a meal replacement it can be fattening

This bar is not all-natural or organic

What Customers Are Saying About Quest Protein Bar

Consumers love this bar for the taste, but don’t feel like it really has helped them to lose weight. Many men and women felt like it was a great source of protein. Everyone loved most of all that it can be taken anywhere on the go, they could just grab it off the counter in a pinch and know the bar could satisfy them for hours.

Should You Try Quest?

The ingredient list isn’t the worst we’ve seen, but it also isn’t the best. The bar is an affordable large source of protein is the bottom line, and that is ideal. So give it a try and see if the flavor jives with you and the protein with your workout plan.

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