Discussing the Efficacy of SlimFast Shake

    Discussing the Efficacy of SlimFast Shake


    At a Glance

    This protein-rich meal replacement supplement aims to stop weight problems by cutting down your calorie consumption everyday. How? Instead of having your regular meals, you can replace 1-2 of them with SlimFast Shake instead. This meal replacement shake is designed to keep you healthy while losing weight. Your caloric intake is reduced while being ensured that you still get all the nutrients that your body needs.

    As per its manufacturer, SlimFast Shake has effectual protein blend that makes you feel full and satisfied for up to four hours. Substituting 1 or 2 of your daily meals with SlimFast Shake would be sufficient to aid you in having a great shape in the long run, or so the manufacturer states.

    To make it easier for you to decide, we’ve gathered information based on customer feedbacks and other details here in this review.

    SlimFast Shake’s Manufacturer and Further Claims

    SlimFast Shake is made and manufactured by dietary supplement company SlimFast. As its name suggests, the company focuses on the creation of dietary products that also promote weight loss. This brand has other products like packed meals, shakes, bars and other snacks, as well as lots of other dietary products. Distribution of SlimFast products occur in the United States and United Kingdom. Apparently, SlimFast’s target consumers are those individuals who want to lose weight.

    In 1997, the company started as part of Thompson Medical Company’s product line. It didn’t last with Thompson and was later acquired by Unilever in 2000. Three years later, the efficiency of SlimFast Shake was affirmed in a study published by the North American Association. This study showed that those people who used SlimFast diet for around a decade were 30 lbs lighter than those people who did not practice such weight loss program.

    There’s also another assertion by the company that continuous use of SlimFast Shake enables one to lose 1-2 lbs every week.

    The Formulation and its Components

    A single portion of SlimFast Shake has 190 calories worth of proteins, fiber, and 24 crucial vitamins and minerals. There are also 3 flavors to choose from, which are chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.Components of SlimFast Shake

    There is 24 grams of overall carbohydrate content, 10 grams for proteins, and 5 grams for dietary fiber. The vitamins here are mostly Vitamin C, but there are also vitamins A, D, E, and K, while mineral contents are Manganese, Zinc, Magnesium, and Calcium. To help control your appetite for food, there’s also Chromium, which is effective in repressing hunger. SlimFast Shake also tastes incredible with 18 grams of sugar in the mix.

    Basic Functions of SlimFast Shake

    This meal replacement shake is intended for people wanting to lose weight. SlimFast Shake makes it happen by decreasing your calorie consumption every day. High calorie consumption usually means gaining weight, so SlimFast Shake does the exact opposite, which is cutting down your calorie intake. Though this is actually tough to do, SlimFast Shake makes it less challenging. You don’t need to put great efforts in order to lose weight. All you need to do is replace 1-2 of your daily meals with SlimFast Shake to reduce your calorie consumption while getting other necessary nutrients that your body requires to stay healthy.

    The Upsides of SlimFast Shake

    Effective in cutting down calories

    Effective in promoting muscle growth through delivery of proteins

    Effective in controlling appetite through the use of fiber and chromium

    The Downsides of SlimFast Shake

    The taste is not very good based on some feedbacks

    The fiber content is low compared to other meal replacement shakes

    Does SlimFast Shake Trigger Negative Reactions?

    Not that we know of. SlimFast Shake basically is only a meal replacement formula, it’s not a medication of some sort, so there are no chemicals or special compounds that could cause side effects. What it generally has are just components that can be categorized as food.Weight Loss Shake

    How Immediate Are the Results?

    Based on the company’s claim, visibility of results (1-2 pounds loss), can happen per week. This claim has actually been backed by the North American Association in its study published in 2003, finding that regular use of SlimFast Shake can enable the loss of one to two pounds each week.

    Buying SlimFast Shake

    Purchase of SlimFast Shake can be done in various third-party resellers. The price of this product also depends on the store. At Amazon, it costs $39.07 for 20 bottles. At Walmart, it costs $9.98 for 8 bottles.

    Availability of Free Samples

    There’s no available sample or trial, but there’s still hope since the prices and offers vary depending on the stores selling SlimFast Shake. You can also use gift cards or coupons to avail greater discounts.

    Testimonials on SlimFast Shake

    On Amazon.com, SlimFast Shake has more than 600 testimonials from customers. About 300 users said this product is excellent and gave it a 5-star while 155 users gave it a 4-star. On the other hand, 78 consumers gave SlimFast Shake a 1-star. The primary criticism has been its poor taste. Despite this, it most said that SlimFast Shake can provide great results.

    Final Thoughts on SlimFast Shake

    While SlimFast Shake has an issue with its taste, it cannot be denied that this meal replacement shake is still one of the best in the market. It’s also worth mentioning that the product’s claims have been verified, making it more reliable. Finally, SlimFast Shake is also fairly priced that getting a regular supply of this won’t be a challenge.


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