Dermalogica Extreme C Review: Are the claims true?

    Dermalogica Extreme C Review: Are the claims true?

    Dermalogica Extreme C Outline 

    SUMMARY HYPERGENEMost consumers are looking for a miracle to make their skin look like the magazine models. It turns out that this is an extremely difficult endeavor. There are a number of factors working against them. As the skin ages it becomes dull and discolored. Many people develop age spots or blotches. Others have scars from suborn acne and troublesome skin. The sun is n help as once skin is exposed to it, melanin production begins.  The company that makes Dermalogica Extreme C claims to have an effective solution. Their formula is supposed to correct hyperpigmentation and erase age spots. It is also supposed to exfoliate away dead skin and reduce the appearance of scars allowing only radiant, flawless skin to shine through.

    Dermalogica Extreme C Ingredients and Actions 

    INGREDIENTSMagnesium ascorbic phosphate is a form of vitamin C which is not acidic. Small concentrations of it have been proven to inhibit the formation of melanin and whiten skin discolorations. It has a certain amount of natural sun protectant and enhances the production of collagen proteins. Oligopeptide-34, a type of protein peptide, is constructed by stringing together 13 separate amino acids. It reduces the synthesis of melanin and inhibits tyrosinase activity in melanocytes thereby effectively lightening the skin.  White tea, or camellia extract, contains an abundance of vital nutrients which feeds the skin. The oil the skin produces is very similar to the oil of this botanical allowing it to readily absorb it making it a common ingredient in commercial moisturizers.  When the sun shines down upon exposed skin, the production of melanin is incited. It has been discovered that zinc glycinate acts directly upon tyrosinase which is vital to its production.

    Dermalogica Extreme C Advantages and Disadvantages

    Dermalogica Extreme C Advantages

    This formula does not include the chemical hydroquinone that many skin lighteners do.
    There are more reviews which are positive than those which are negative.
    The company provides a refund up to 30 days after purchase.
    Each ingredient in this product has been examined scientifically.

    Dermalogica Extreme C Disadvantages

    There are few reviews of any kind available.
    No clinical trials have been performed on the completed formula.
    This falls at the very expensive end of the price line.
    Customers only have a 30-day window to request a refund.

    Order Spot

    The are many webpages that offer ordering of Dermalogica Extreme C and the average cost is around $65 for a .3-ounce container. Both the official website and Amazon offer it as well.

    End Vote

    This product includes several properties which have been proven effective for the company claims. The majority of the feedback is in a positive light. There are very few reviews on any kind and those which are negative refers to seeing no results. The manufacturer does not provide much time for users to decide whether they like it or not and it is a high dollar item. It does not seem worth the risk to purchase this product.


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