Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser For Oily Skin

by Michael Griffin
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Product Introduction

Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser is designed to deeply clean and penetrate the pores to eliminate redness, blemishes, oil, and impurities form the skin. It’s main ingredients that makes this magic happen are Kaolin and Green clay coupled with menthol and other natural herb extracts that have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. What’s inside Dermalogica’s Dermal Clay Cleanser?

Here are some active ingredients…

  • Cucumber Fruit ExtractDermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser Ingredients
  • Arnica Montana Flower Extract
  • Mallow Extract
  • Sodium Magnesium Silicate
  • Menthol

How does this formula work?

Cucumber works to soften and sooth irritated skin, creating that “Ah-ha” refreshing feeling when you rinse. Menthol serves a similar purpose and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Arnica helps to treat acne with anti-septic properties that work to give a deep medicated clean. Mallow serves to give your skin the perfect moisture balance. Silicate clay is a non-toxic clay filler that binds the entire product together for easy application.

Product Pros

  • absorbs oil, dirt, grease, and grime
  • reduces redness
  • anti-inflammatory
  • fights off acne causing bacteria throughout the day
  • all-natural, paraben free, no coloring, or fragrance

Product Cons

  • Menthol can be itchy for some users
  • Causes breakouts for users with combination skin sometimes
  • Expensive

How to Apply

Use the pump to extract a small amount in the palm of your hand. Work the Dermalogica clay formula cleanser onto the face in small circular motions with some water to. Rinse and then pat skin dry.

Will It Work?

Dermalogica has a good reputation in the skin care world and has been making great products to help improve the skin for years. This is a great daily Skin care cleansercleanser because the ingredients aren’t super strong, but still effectively deep clean the skin. We all want exfoliating results daily, but know that we shouldn’t be using an exfoliator regularly. This is a good in between, the clay is gritty without scratching the skin. It works to really cut the grease and oil from skin for users. That is proven. It cleans completely effectively. It is the aftermath for some users where things tend to go “wrong”. Some users complained that the formula was just too drying at the end of the day for their skin type. Those users with really greasy skin thought the product not only cleaned effectively, but also treated break outs and improved complexion on a long-term basis.

Final Review

If you don’t have really oily skin I just don’t think this is a great investment for you to make into your skin care routine. If you have money to blow and want to use it occasionally for a deep clean, I think that is fien to keep it in your skin care arsenal. If you do have oil slicked skin, this could be your holy grail daily cleanser. It really does absorb the grease and deep clean pores. The ingredients are non-toxic and safe so it is an A+ product as far as it’s make up.

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