Dark Marks Away Review: Is it Effective?

by Michael Griffin
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Dark Marks Away Summary

Dull skinWhile aging, elasticity starts to fade from the skin. This often results in wrinkles, fine lines, and unsightly sagging. In addition to this, the skin becomes dull and uneven with blotches as well as age spots that, let’s face it, do not wash away. The sun adds its own damage darkening age spots and enlarging facial blotches. Dark Marks Away is said to lighten age spots and even skin tone. It is advertised as being able to clear the dull skin away and brighten it leaving your face smooth, supple, and glowing. The formula includes key ingredients which work together to produce these miraculous result.

Dark Marks Away Ingredients and Functions

Dark Marks Away IngredientsLanolin is similar to the sebaceous oil that the human skin secretes, but it is derived from wool bearing sheep. It has been used an emollient for centuries as it moisturizes and protects. It is often found in skin care products for chapped and severely dry skin as well as diaper rash creams. Vitamin E feeds the skin and floods it with anti-oxidants defending against free radical damage. As an oil, it has been prescribed to diminish the appearance of scars and stretch marks for centuries. Vitamin E may be the number one property in most all personal care products. Arbutin, which is a natural glycosylated hydroquinone employed as a skin brightener, is acquired from bearberry, pomegranate, and pear trees.  Glycerin is a widespread personal care product ingredient which offers a definite degree of sun protection. It is known to hydrate and assist skin cells in holding moisture and is categorized as a humectant. Glycerin draws moisture to cells from the air.

Dark Marks Away Pros and Cons

Dark Marks Away Pros

This formulation does not include the manmade element hydroquinone that many skin lighteners do. Each ingredient in this product has been examined scientifically. This is an inexpensive formula. It contains natural botanical elements.

Dark Marks Away Cons

The number of reviews is extremely lacking. There are no clinical trials concerning the end product. This product contains methylparaben; butylparaben; ethylparaben; and propylparaben. This formula contains an excessive amount of various types of alcohol. Information concerning the company and its product are difficult to find. The claim that it is an entirely herbal formula is false. There is no refund policy available.

Shop Spot

This product is sold on Amazon from the U.K. and costs under $10 for a 1-ounce tube. It is difficult to find another site to order it from including the official manufacturer’s website.


Information on the individual ingredients is abundant. Some of these are derived from natural sources and have been proven effective by the scientific community. Others are extremely harsh and this data is also proven in the science realm. Information about the product is lacking and what is available is confusing. There is no money back guarantee. The cons for this product far outweigh the pros making it an extremely poor purchase decision.

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