D-Pol Review: Real Deal or Total Scam?  

by Michael Griffin
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A top competitor in the testosterone-boosting field, D-pol boasts carefully Better sex lifepicked ingredients for its latest supplement. D-Pol promises improved overall men’s health, virility, stamina, and sexual performance. The product’s target audience are gym rats and power lifters looking to gain muscle, physical endurance, and a better sex life.

Price: $20.95

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Main Ingredients:

B Vitamins- B6, B9, and B12 help support the nervous system and metabolism. B-vitamins are known to boost energy levels while toning the nerves. L-Aspartic Acid– Aids in increasing male virility and raises testosterone production. D-Aspartic Acid- Contains amino acid chains that release testosterone into the blood stream.

Product Promises:

The product manufacturers promise that D-Pol will improve sexual performance by increasing blood circulation. The formula aims to boost testosterone levels throughout the body to make men more virile. Improved circulation also will help to move free testosterone and freshly oxygenated blood with nutrients to help fitness enthusiasts gain healthy muscle. Endurance and stamina are big selling points for the product that more or less guarantees increased physical strength with every pill. Overall D-Pol offers: more testosterone, better circulation, muscle, strengthen, and stamina. Dosing: Take one tablet daily, preferably an hour before any rigorous workout


  1. Noticeable Improvements

User did report noticeable differences after taking this product, they could feel the effects from raised testosterone levels.
  1. Quick Results

The improvements came quickly after ingestion. Some felt the difference in just one day.
  1. Better Muscle Tone

When coupled with a workout routine users felt they Improve sexual performancebenefited more from lifting, seeing better results than if they had not been taking D-pol.
  1. Improved Sexual Performance

In the bedroom, D-Pol came through to increase stamina and performance. Users reported increased blood flow to the penis before and during intercourse.


  1. Tablet Size

Formulated for man, big enough for a horse, user noted that these tablets are pretty huge.
  1. Breakouts

Adult acne was a commonly reported side effect, on both the face and the body.
  1. Chalky and Dusty Pills

The pills are not only large but leave a chalky taste and a dusty residue in the mouth that takes a significant amount of water to wash away after swallowing.

Common Side Effects:

Other than some acne that is a direct result of increased testosterone levels, no users have really reported any serious or significant side effects. D-Pol has a lot of scientific evidence to back up its carefully formulated tablet.

So is this product the real deal or a total scam?

Overall, this product gets two thumbs up. There IS a lot of scientific studies that confirm the ingredients have the power to give you the results. If you don’t mind swallowing a large chalky pill once a day and want to see better results from workouts and improved stamina in the bedroom, this may be the product for you.

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