Brain Link Complex Review: Is it a scam?

by Michael Griffin
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Brain Link Complex Analysis

While brain boosting supplements can enhance the lives of those suffering from neurological disorders, there is strong scientific evidence that these same properties can prevent them from developing in the first place. Brain boosting supplement Health is a cycle and should be viewed as such. Vitamins and minerals are important to overall health which includes the physical body and mental processes. Insufficient nutrients can result in diseases of both as well. Brain Link Complex is a supplement drink mix which is manufactured by a company called Pain & Stress Center. The company claims that it specializes in designing ‘Alternative Health Products’. The design team consists of medical professionals who have been certified in several fields of medicine.

Brain Link Complex Components and Functions

Experts have known the power B-complexes like cobalamin, folate, and pyridoxine, and folate can enhance your cognitive abilities. Vitamin C is one of the most potent antioxidants available and is over the formation of vital neurotransmitters and L-Carnitine. Vitamin E is powerfully neural protective against cognition declination and if quite frequently prescribed for individuals who suffer from neurological issues in the dementia family. Amino acid complexes are popular in brain boosting supplements. Amino acids themselves are important biosynthetic precursor for vital neurotransmitters. There are four main neurotransmitters which play a major role in mood; attention; cognition; learning; and memory. Amino acids oversee their production, balances ratios as necessary, and can prevent neurological disorders. Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is only one amino acid which included in this supplement to enhance the communication between your neural cells and heighten concentration. It has been used successfully to treat depression as it increases the presence of neurotransmitters such as dopamine. It acts to reduce both your mental and physical stress.

Brain Link Complex Dosage

Pain & Stress recommends that patients consume one drink twice each day. This is based upon weight and age therefore doses may vary among users. They also say that the dosage may need to be increased in order to achieve optimal results. It is in the form of powder which must be mixed with water in order to consume.

Brain Link Complex Upsides and Downsides

Brain Link Complex Upsides

Brain Link Complex Upsides

There are positive reviews for the Brain Link Complex supplement powder across the web. This formula contains many properties and vitamins to boost brain function. The compounds in the supplement have been proven to be effective by the scientific community. The staff is made up of a team of medical practitioners who have been trained within the field of medicine. There is a 30-day money back guarantee.

Brain Link Complex Downsides

This supplement powder is extremely expensive. The completed formula has not been through any type of medical trials. The number of customer reviews is very limited. One container will only last for one week taken at the lowest recommended dosage. The return policy is highly conditional.

Purchase Location

This product may be purchased from any number of supplement websites as well as Amazon and the official Pain & Stress website. It is about $20 per container which is a 7-day supply at the lowest usage level.

Final Vote

This is not a wise purchase decision. It is very costly and the return policy has many restrictions.    

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