Blue Goo – Can this product be taken seriously?

    Blue Goo - Can this product be taken seriously?

    Buying supplements can be an easy task – if you have help! Trying to understand all the different combinations of ingredients and formulas can prove to be a difficult task if you try to do so on your own. This is why we have set out to help! We know what it takes to make a good supplement because we have the results from clinical trials to compare products to and tell if you if they are, in fact, any good. Our reviews offer you valid information that you can trust to ensure you get a holistic remedy that works and works well.

    What is the purpose of the product?

    Blue Goo is made by Garcoa Laboratories which is a US-based company. It comes as a gel or cream and targets to improve joint pain, body aches, and Muscle achesdiscomfort related to arthritis. This pain relief acts by treating the root of the problem through penetrating deep into your skin. Sprains, strains, muscle aches, stiff joints, tendonitis, backaches, and neck discomfort and said to be solved by the application of this product. Afterwards, you should regain a full range of motion in the area and these spots should become looser. The formula is  made from 100% pure emu oil which is apparently a potent yet safe ingredient that is said to be a fast-acting solution.

    What are the ingredients used?

    While this product uses all-natural ingredients which are said to be safe, it is best to store in a dry place out of Blue Goo - Ingredientsreach of children and only be used by adults. It may be harmful if ingested. However, there should be no side effects as a result of using this product. The ingredients are as follows: MSM, Glucosamine HCL, Chondroitin Sulfate, Emu Oil, Menthol, and White Willow Bark As mentioned previously, the main element of this supplement is Emu Oil. This is pure triglyceride lipid which is a fatty compound that is found in skin lipids and this substance resembles this important factor, making easier absorption for your body. It is also high in oleic acid which increases the ability to carry compounds into skin cells.  Phospholipids, the substance that delays absorption is the avoided.


    If you are in a lot of pain a 4 oz tub is not going to last you a very long time! With there being no limit to the application, you can go through this $12 product repeatedly and so in the longer scheme of things it can, in fact, wind up being very expensive.


    If you wish to prevent a problem as opposed to wait for it to arise and then try to treat it, you can actually buy a supplement that will help you do just that! A much better option on the market today is Optimal Omega and this natural remedy not only helps with the joints but it is designed to improve the functionality of the eyes and the brain! For a one month supply with a money back guarantee (not that you will need it!) – you can purchase this amazing formula for just $19.95.  The product comes as easy to consume capsules which have been clinically proven to cause fantastic results.


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