Bio Testosterone XR Performance Enhancer Review: Is it a hoax?

by Michael Griffin
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Bio Testosterone XR Performance Enhancer Investigation

Bio Testosterone XR is marketed as a formula to assist guys in managing and increasing testoid levels. The producer insists that it is the strongest, yet safest supplement in the market. They proclaim that it intensifies endurance; amplifies sexual performance; and elevates stamina. The distributor also declares that it will heighten recovery; strengthen gym results by expanding muscle mass; and improve strength.

Bio Testosterone XR Performance Enhancer Properties and Actions

Boron Citrate regulates the levels of steroidal hormones. It lessens free estrogen levels and improves free testosterone. Boron boosts vitamin D and supports muscle function while working to decrease bad cholesterol.Tongkat Ali Fenugreek is cultivated to obtain a property called Testofen which is said to amplify the libido by intensifying testosterone serum levels. It was scientifically proven to magnify muscle strength and acts by enhancing testosterone levels. The propertiesin Devil’s Weed have been known amplify testosterone for centuries. In the scientific realm it is generally referred to as Terrestris Tribulus.It fosters muscle growth and boost strength. Terrestris Tribulus is included in numerous of male health supplements due to its proven high level of efficacy.Bio Testosterone XR Performance Enhancer Properties Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, or Tongkat Ali, is often used to reduce the incidence of erectile dysfunction. Ancient Indonesians have been using it to power the libido for hundreds of years. It improves the potency of sperm and reverses low T. Zinc oxide was proven to increase the libido and enhance the ability to get an erection. It acts this way by encouraging the natural testosterone production in the body. Zinc is also believed to shield the prostate from cancer formation. Pyridoxine, or vitamin B6, functions to provide the libido with increased testosterone. Vitamin B6, is crucial to testosterone synthesis and regulation. It is responsible for converting carbohydrates into fuel thereby energizing the body as well. Protein metabolism in the body and the synthesis of muscle tissue cells is conditional to magnesium levels. It has been hypothesized that the body needs these proteins to produce testoids. This mineral is also key to maximizing post work out recovery time and supporting cell repair.

Bio Testosterone XR Performance Enhancer Instructions

The label tells customers to take two tablets 30 to 45 minutes prior to training session each day.

Bio Testosterone XR Performance Enhancer Assets and Deficits

Bio Testosterone XR Performance Enhancer Assets

A free trial of this product is available through the official page. Scientific research as confirmed the individual ingredients in this formula.

Bio Testosterone XR Performance Enhancer Deficits

Consumer are enrolled into auto-shipments and billing when requesting the free trial. Customers are billed the complete price of the product, if they cancel before the end of the trial period. This is an expensive workout supplement. A refund policy is not offered by the company. The end formula has not been scientifically tried.

Bio Testosterone XR Performance Enhancer Storefront

This formula seems to only be sold on the distributor’s website. The 16-day free trial is priced at $3.95. This enrolls individuals into an auto-shipment agreement which bills them for a 30-day supply at $87.63 per month.

Bio Testosterone XR Performance Enhancer Last Vote

This is not an advisable purchase decision because no refund policy is offered and consumers are automatically trapped in monthly electronic billing upon receiving the free trial.

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