Best Ways to Stay in Shape for the Summer by Varying up Your Routine

by Michael Griffin
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It is that time of year again where it is absolutely beautiful outside, where it would be an absolute shame to waste the day indoors. If you are serious about fitness however, this could present a problem when it comes to your routine. Luckily there are plenty of things you can do outside to stay in shape, and it will be a nice change of pace from doing the same old exercises in the gym that you have been doing for months. You don’t have to sacrifice your fitness goals either-and here are some ways to do so.

 Sign up to Play a Sport This Summer

Many people look forward to summer just for the opportunity to play things like beach volleyball, which can not only be fun but can be a really effective way to stay in shape. The reason why beach volleyball is so great when it comes to staying in shape is because of two reasons: first you are playing on an uneven surface which makes your body work harder to begin with, and second your team only consists of two people making you have to cover a larger area. This means as a result you will burn more calories, probably even more so than you would at the gym in the same time period. You could realistically burn over 600 calories an hour playing beach volleyball which is an awesome number. If you aren’t a fan of volleyball, typically flag football, soccer, baseball and other sporting leagues pop up over the summer, which can help you stay in shape and meet people in the process. Also you can really tailor your workout to your needs depending on what sport you play. Looking to get in a lot of cardio to increase your endurance? Look to join a soccer league. Are you someone who likes to go all out doing something like sprints? Try flag football. There is a sport for everyone.

Trail Hiking or Rock Climbing

Best Ways to Stay in Shape for the Summer by Varying up Your Routine Some of the best exercises we can do can be done with little to no equipment, all of which are provided by mother nature. Trail hiking is great for anyone of any fitness level, as the route you take or the pace at which you travel can be altered to suit anyone of any fitness level. Getting outside exercising in nature is not only good for our physical state, but is also great for our mental health as well. Exposure to nature alone has shown to improve mood and mental states, giving us even more reason to get outside hiking or climbing.

Turn Gardening or Yard Work into an Exercise Routine

Summer is a time many of us look forward to, however if there is one thing that sucks about summer, it is all the work around the house and yard that needs to get done. This work is not fun and can be really difficult in some cases, but you can make it work in your favor too. Just spending an hour outside pulling weeds, trimming the hedges or cutting the grass can take a lot of energy which means more calories burned. It may not seem like so, but even doing an hour of light gardening can burn about the same amount of calories as you would during your normal 45 minute routine. If you are planning on exercising anyway why not do some yard work, it will allow you to get your workout in while saving some money by doing it yourself.

Take up Swimming and Other Water Sports

Best Ways to Stay in Shape for the Summer by Varying up Your Routine Another thing most of us love about summer is swimming or doing some other type of sport in the water. Swimming in particular can really be a great exercise that not only works out the entire body, but does so with minimal impact as well. Swimming is probably the most effective way to stay in shape this summer that you can do outdoors while staying cool at the same time. The water you are swimming in provides plenty of resistance as well, much more so than you experience during running, jogging or walking. If you really want to stick to weight training or resistance training this summer, you can do that in the water as well. Many beaches and pools offer training in the water, which is becoming very popular. Traditionally you think of older men and women when it comes to pool aerobics, but more and more young people are revitalizing this trend.

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