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While there are many forms of sophisticated exercises and work out activities intended for several fitness goals, there are some others which have been commonized because they fall within the ambit of everyday living. In fact, most people do not consider them as exercise at all out of sheer ignorance. As simple or strange as this may sound, walking which has been part and parcel of your life is one of the most effective forms of exercise for maintaining a healthy heart and losing weight fast. This means if you want to enjoy having a good heart and other benefits that come with that, put your two feet on the floor and start moving. Very quickly, this article intends to enlighten you on the many benefits of walking. So, if you have been living a stereotypical life of leaving your home to your car then to the office; then, back to the car and home again – that kind of cyclic lifestyle, it’s time you engaged your two feet more. It’s for your good. Without mincing words, let’s quickly consider the benefits of walking as a form of exercise  

It’s a form of cardio

Cardio or aerobic exercises are exercise forms targeted towards maintaining a healthy heart. They are activities that stimulate the heart to pump faster. They include activities such as running, jogging, swimming, cycling, biking, and so on. Walking is also a form of cardio exercise. You would have noticed that whenever you walk, your heart begins to race and you might begin to pant at some point when the walking gets intense especially when you are trekking a long distance. The implication of this is that, walking impacts directly on your heart. Mind you, if you find it difficult to trek or walk, you might be in danger of a chronic illness. You should contact your doctor as soon as possible.  

fit man with healthy diet for weight loss, nutritious mealsImproves your mood

At one point or the other, you would have tried walking away from a disturbing argument or an irritable discussion after you’ve been irked. True? Of course. Did you notice that while you walk away, the anger in you subsides and you feel relieved before trekking to certain miles? That’s one of the magic of walking. It helps to boost your mood by decreasing the level of hostility and anger in you within a short space of time. Even when worried or agitated over an issue, it’s always advisable to take a walk as it helps to restore your mood.  

Helps you burn calories

Walking is a less stressful but more effective way of burning calories. It just works the magic. That’s why it’s recommended for many obese persons who could suffer the risk of a cardiac arrest when subjected to a more rigorous form of exercise like jogging. So, such persons are advised to take their feet to the ground and move from place to place. By so doing, they get to burn excess calories over time.  

Reduce the risk of chronic illnesses

Walking works directly on the heart. Once the heart is healthy, the risk of contracting chronic illnesses such as cardio-related health problems is reduced drastically or totally eliminated. Apart from this, walking also reduces blood sugar hence reducing the risk of diabetes and stroke. This is why experts believe that everyone should incorporate at least one-hour long walk into their schedule in two weeks.  

Improves digestion

Another benefit of walking is that it helps to improve bowel movements hence, enhancing digestion. You would have observed that after eating more than your stomach can take at times, and you feel discomfort in your stomach, after a short walk, you no longer feel the discomfort. This is a wonder of walking magic. It completely aids digestion and strengthens your digestive system.  

Elongated life

Wonder why some aged people are still strong at their age? The answer is not abstract; it just cardio exercise which they have done at some point in their lives. Even life expectancy among primitive tribes is said to be longer than that of those living the urban life. The secret is simply walking. Since they have no form of transportation device, they have to rely on their legs and this has greatly paid off working on their cardio in the long run.

man sleeping


Helps you sleep sound

Walking helps to reduce pain and relieve stress which could hinder one from having a good night’s sleep. Usually, like other light exercises boost sleep at night, walking is not exempted too.      

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