Ambi Fade Cream Review: Is it Effective?

    Ambi Fade Cream Review: Is it Effective?


    Ambi Fade Cream Summary

    During the aging process, elasticity begins to fade from the skin. This often results in wrinkles, fine lines, and unsightly sagging. In addition to this it becomes dull and uneven with blotches and age spots that simply do not wash away.

    The sun adds its own damage darkening age spots and enlarging facial blotches. Ambi Fade Cream is said to lighten age spots and even skin tone while protecting the skin from further damage.

    It is advertised as being able to clear away the dull skin and brighten it leaving your face smooth, supple, and radiant. The formula includes key ingredients which work together to produce these result. It also has sun screen to protect from damaging UVA rays.

    Ambi Fade Cream Obagi Skin Care Gel Ingredients and Functions


    Vitamin E nourishes the skin and floods it with anti-oxidants shielding against free radical damage. As an oil, it has been prescribed to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks for centuries. Vitamin E may be the number one property in all personal care products.

    Alpha hydroxy acids are derived from milk and fruit sugars then added to numerous skin care and medicinal products. It lifts dead skin cells to exfoliate the skin and allow healthy, fresh skin to shine through.

    Hydroquinone is often used against hyperpigmentation or various forms of skin discoloration. Science has discovered that it has the ability to affect melanin and reduce the color pigmentation is skin cells.

    Octinoxate is often found in skin care products to provide sunscreen; however, there is a great deal of controversy over this chemical. This is a chemical that is absorbed by the skin very quickly and is said to be less harsh than other types of chemicals used for sun protection. It has also shown strong evidence as an endocrine disruptor in clinical trials.

    Ambi Fade Cream Obagi Skin Care Gel Pros and Cons

    Ambi Fade Cream Obagi Skin Care Gel Pros


    The ingredients in this cream have been individually tried for efficacy.

    The majority of reviews for this formula are very positive.

    The name behind the cream has been around for quite some time.

    This formula is easily obtainable.

    This is an extremely cost effective product.

    Ambi Fade Cream Cons

    There is a question to the degree of protection as it warns it does not protect from sunburn.

    It is difficult to pinpoint the manufacturer behind the brand name.

    There appears to be no money back guarantee.

    Shop Spot

    Ambi Fade Cream generally sells for less than $7 for 2-ounce tube. It readily available on virtual shops as well as physical stores.


    Ambi Fade Cream is a relatively inexpensive product which appears to contain the ingredients to be effective. On the other hand, there is no money back guarantee to be found. It is widely available including in physical stores. Consumers may obtain a refund from the store in question. Discovering exactly who owns this brand is difficult. Two of the key ingredients pose hazards and one of them is classified just below endocrine disrupter.


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