Advantage Nutraceuticals Vydexafil Enhancement Review: Are the claims true?

    Advantage Nutraceuticals Vydexafil Enhancement Outline

    shutterstock_381307981Advantage Nutraceuticals promotes Vydexafil to decrease performance anxieties; boost confidence; and enhance testosterone production. They say it will increase the libido; improve erection frequency; and amplify quality.
    The company further insists that this complex can magnify sensation; elevate sperm count; and intensify volume. This product is said to be made with 100% safe; completely natural; and very effective properties.

    Advantage Nutraceuticals Vydexafil Enhancement Ingredients and Actions

    D-Aspartic Acid is an important amino acid which plays a starring role in the production of sperm; sperm health; and essential hormones. It is said to increase specifically the human growth hormone and the production of testosterone.
    Testofen is derived from Fenugreek and it has demonstrated the ability to enhance the libido; support healthy sexual desire; and increase the orgasmic response in clinical trials. It functions through intensifying testosterone levels which was also proven to heighten muscle strength and amplify endurance.
    shutterstock_422287030Tribulus Terrestris is often referred to as Devil’s Weed within the supplement market. It is said to increase the motility of sperm and reduce impotence occurrences. Devil’s Weed incites testosterone production and reduces sexual recovery time.
    Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, also named Tongkat Ali, is very famous in the supplement world. Ancient Indonesian cultures have implemented it for centuries to resolve erectile dysfunction. It has the capability to correct low testosterone conditions and increase the potency of sperm. This herb regulates DHEA and the conversion of androgens specifically into testosterone.
    Epimedium, also known as Barrenwort, was clinically shown to help dilate blood vessels to promote healthy circulation. This is the main reason this herb, also nicknamed Horny Goat Weed, is frequently blended into men’s health supplements. It is also known to improve sexual desire; enhance sexual performance; and spur endurance.
    The amino acid L-Arginine is used to create Agmatine which increases nitric oxide levels; elevates testosterone; and supports the health of the circulatory system. These elevations have been scientifically proven to improve the size and firmness of erections.

    Advantage Nutraceuticals Vydexafil Enhancement Dosing

    The package directs users to consume three gel-caps each day with water. The manufacturer says this is for optimal effects; however, the dosage may be taken 1 to 2 hours before intimacy instead.

    Advantage Nutraceuticals Vydexafil Enhancement Advantages and Disadvantages

    Advantage Nutraceuticals Vydexafil Enhancement Advantages

    This manufacturer uses discreet shipping.
    This complex has positive shopper testimony.
    This product includes a 90-day reimbursement policy.

    Advantage Nutraceuticals Vydexafil Enhancement Disadvantages

    The positive user testimony is only on the company site.
    The off-site shopper testimony is extremely negative.
    The refund policy does not include shipping costs.

    Advantage Nutraceuticals Vydexafil Enhancement Order Spot

    A 30-day supply of this formula may be ordered from Amazon or the company website for $46. A 60-day supply costs $79.95 and the 90-day supply runs $109.95.

    Advantage Nutraceuticals Vydexafil Enhancement End Vote

    This is an unwise enhancement solution choice as most of the customer testimony off-site is highly negative and it is a very costly supplement.


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