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Anatabloc: At a Glance

This product is made into a tablet for means of ingestion. Anatabloc is actually a brand name for a substance recognized as “Anatabine”. The said substance originates from tobacco plants. Consumption of the product Anatabloc means that anatabine penetrates your body and attaches to a protein in the cells in your body. This then results to swelling. Due to this, the cell takes on an anti-inflammatory property that occurs naturally. Studies demonstrate that this is vital in combating never-ending ache.

Understanding How the Product Function

preview-full-3As stated earlier, Anatabloc is a product with strong anti-inflammatory properties. This is offered by well-known health company and retail GNC, which asserts that the supplement provides overall health for the joints and lessens the case of chronic swelling. As soon as the product penetrates the body, it neutralizes a protein called NFkB. When this is done, it’s not given the opportunity to penetrate the cell’s nucleus, so it can’t lead to severe cellular swelling, which in turn, lessens chronic cellular inflammation. Because of Anatabloc’s ability to decrease the swelling of cells, we can also make a fair assumption that this supplement may also be helpful in addressing other medical problems like arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and heart problems since these are believed to be prompted by chronic inflammation of the cells.

About the Company

This particular supplement is produced by Star Scientific Inc., a company based in Henrico County in Virginia. The company produces Anatabloc via its subsidiary, Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals. The supplement is primarily offered at health stores like GNC. Star Scientific plans to make an expansion with the product’s distribution, though. With this, Anatabloc may be accessible in Westwood Pharmacy and Westbury Pharmacy. You also have the option to make your purchase through online ordering.

What are the Components?

The components in the product’s formulation are Anatabine, Vitamin A and Vitamin D3.

Instructions on Taking Anatabloc

Since the supplement is in the form of tablets that are tinier compared to aspirin, you should just ingest it orally but don’t swallow it right away. Wait for it to melt in your mouth first. The tablets are also available in unflavored and mint-flavored types. The manufacturer’s suggested dose for Anatabloc is 2 tablets at each time for a max of 6 times a day, which makes it 12 tablets per day. Your consumption is also reliant to your body weight. If you’re weighing 220 lbs and more, you need to ingest 2 tablets at a time from 3-6 times daily. If you’re weighing from 121-170 lbs, your dose should be a max of 8 tablets per day. A single container of Anatabloc has 300 tablets. For $100 per bottle, this should last you for roughly a month.

What to Do and What Not to

Make sure that the seal is not ruined nor have any signs of tampering. Only take Anatabloc as instructed by your healthcare provider. Keep the supplement in a cool, dry section of your place. Don’t expose it to sunlight. Anatabloc is not recommended if you’re lactating or expecting, unless of course your physician recommends it to you. Discontinue use if you notice any adverse reactions or allergies. Anatabloc is not a medication, so don’t use as a replacement to your doctor’s prescription. Being a supplement only, it does not heal medical issues.

Product Features of Anatabloc

This supplement has multiple vitamins that can help to facilitate general wellness. It also has Anatabine, a component recognized for its value in halting chronic medical conditions.

What to Be Anticipated from Anatabloc Use?

Basing on the user feedbacks on the web, there’s nothing significant yet to expect. Many are still waiting for the claimed promised to happen in actuality.

Does Anatabloc Cure Medical Issues?

The company behind Anatabloc has not made direct assertions that their product can help in curing medical problems. Nonetheless, since 2010 they have produced at least 15 press releases saying and elaborating numerous scientific researches implying that Anatabloc’s main component Anatabine has the capacity to alleviate symptoms of some medical problems, such as: multiple sclerosis, thyroids, Alzheimer’s, and even brain injuries.

Anatabloc and Other Prescriptions

The manufacturer claims that Anatabloc can be taken alongside other medications, since it is only a supplement and is not known to cause any interactions with other prescriptions. Hence, Anatabloc is okay for taking with other medications, unless of course your physician tells you not to.

Safety Warnings & Adverse Reactions

Basically this supplement is a new one in the market, so information and other details are somehow limited. As for adverse reactions, thus far there are none related to its use.

What about Clinical Studies/Research Performed?

Portrait Of Happy Young Man Having Healthy Breakfast The manufacturer has not posted any official results on any clinical studies done on the supplement. What the company has done is share numerous research findings on Anatabloc’s main ingredient Anatabine. The said component has been the subject of many studies and tests and the result is that this substance has anti-inflammatory properties. Anatabine has demonstrated its anti-inflammatory benefits in test tubes, as well as on animals that were used in experiments. However, since it hasn’t been tested on people, its full-range effects on humans and what it would be like after long-term use remain vague. Anatabloc hasn’t gone through any third-party study, just like many supplements out there. It is also not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

What Users Have to Say Anatabloc?

Reviews and feedbacks on Anatabloc are varied. On Amazon, most consumers state that Anatabloc was helpful in addressing their skin rashes, gingivitis, chronic sinusitis and joint aches. On the other hand, other users say that Anatabloc is only pricey, but can’t really generate any significant effects.

Bottom Line: Is Anatabloc Safe and Effectual?

Anatabloc, basically, does not attract positive reviews at all times. The feedbacks are varied, but of course it would be better if most reviews are good. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The supplement is also a freshly introduced product, so there’s not much we can learn about it. It hasn’t gone through any clinical studies and trials and being a nutritional supplement, it will seize a significant amount of time before it gets FDA recommendation. Because there are holes in the supplement that need to be filled with certainties such as clinical support from an independent research and more positive customer reviews, Anatabloc is not advised for those people with chronic aches just yet.    

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