A Product Review of Noxzema Ultimate Clear

    Introducing Noxzema Ultimate Clear

    preview-full-shutterstock_520906060This non-comedogenic foaming cleanser claims to effectively get rid of dirt, makeup and other impurities on the face. It penetrates deep into the skin to cleanse thoroughly. Noxzema Ultimate Clear is an oil-free cleanser that has an anti-bacterial agent as well. This is for combating bacteria on the skin’s surface. For a 6 oz bottle of Noxzema Ultimate Clear, the cost is only $4.79 if you purchase this on Amazon.com. This is very affordable.

    What’s this Product For?

    Noxzema Ultimate Clear works beyond cleansing. It does not only ensure that your face is clean and free from impurities, it also works to fight bacteria on your facial skin’s surface. This results to a clearer skin which is also protected from skin breakouts.

    About the Company

    Manufactured by Noxzema Company, Noxzema Ultimate Clear Bacteria Fighting Cleanser seems to be a reliable product considering that the company behind it has been in the industry for many decades. The company was actually built in 1910. In 2010, Unilever acquired Noxzema. Its original moniker originated from a story that a customer announced that the company’s product knocked his eczema down.

    What are the Components in Noxzema Ultimate Clear?

    Below are the potent ingredients essential in making Noxzema Ultimate Clear efficient in addressing skin issues composed and combined back in 2010:

    Triclosan – contributes as an anti-bacterial agent that helps the product fights bacteria on the skin’s surface, which prevents breakouts from ever existing

    Aloe Juice – a natural plant-based substance that’s believed to contain soothing properties crucial in dealing with irritation and redness

    The original components in the product are as follows: menthol, camphor, eucalyptus, and phenol. All these mixed together give the product its remarkable scent and formulation.

    How Does Noxzema Ultimate Clear Function?

    This particular skincare product functions in several ways but its most essential component Triclosan helps the skin by fighting bacteria that prevents breakouts. The remaining components work hand in hand to purify the skin such as by getting rid of makeup, oil, and other impurities from the face. Thus, Noxzema Ultimate Clear essentially functions to promote a cleaner, clearer skin while making sure that bacteria are kept at bay.

    Noxzema Ultimate Clear Product Features

    The product’s manufacturer has been in the skincare industry for more than a century and continues to grow strong.

    The components in the product’s formula are simply but effectual.

    Most of the consumer feedbacks are optimistic.

    The cost is reasonable.

    This product can be conveniently purchased in many stores and even in online resellers, so it should not be so hard to find.

    Proper Use of Noxzema Ultimate Clear

    Application of this skincare product is easy. Put some amount on your palm and rub on your already damp face. Mix with a bit of water until it foams and rub throughout your face. Rinse with clean water when you’re finished.

    Noxzema Ultimate Clear Adverse Reactions

    preview-full-shutterstock_66724948Considering the components in the product’s formulation, there shouldn’t be any negative physical manifestations from using Noxzema Ultimate Clear. It’s already a no-brainer that skin cleansers should be avoided to have contact with your eyes as this can trigger irritation. Also, some users have reported that the product can result to skin dryness, so to keep away from skin dryness, application of moisturizer after Noxzema Ultimate Clear may be a great follow-up routine.

    What Users Have to Say?

    Most of the feedbacks from customers are optimistic. Several users are satisfied with the product’s performance. These customers state that Noxzema Ultimate Clear helps their skin get its flawless appearance. The product is also a value for money. Though there are some users who reported that Noxzema Ultimate Clear caused dryness and some complained about how the old formulation was better than the new one, thus its name should be changed since the formula is different. Still, these poor reviews are very few and the positive response still overshadowed the negative ones.

    Bottom Line

    If you consider all the factors that makes a skincare product decent and worth of every penny, Noxzema Ultimate Clear can be considered as one of these products. It comes from a prominent company, which is way better than using products from unknown manufacturers. Noxzema has been in the skincare business for over a century and this says something about the quality of its products. Essentially, a company manages to last because its products are trusted by consumers and Noxzema Ultimate Clear is one of these products that are considered efficient and reliable by many. Also, it greatly helps that its cost is relatively low, it’s only $4.79 for a 6 oz package and it is available anywhere. You can also expediently order it online. In the case that you realize Noxzema Ultimate Clear is not for you, at least you only spent less than $5.



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