A Product Review of Myogenix AfterShock: Is it Harmless and Efficient?

by Michael Griffin
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Myogenix AfterShock Introduction

It is widely known among fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders that the most crucial part in terms of determining overall growth in muscle mass does not occur during the workout, but 30 minutes after the deed. This phase is labeled as the anabolic window. During this phase, the body is in its most important state as it handles muscle development. On the other hand, it is also this stage that muscle wastes can end up slowing down the distribution of nutrients as it also holds back the development of the muscles. This is where Myogenix AfterShock comes in. This supplement is particularly intended to make sure that this phase is not intervened negatively, so that muscle growth progresses without any obstacles. A bottle of Myogenix AfterShock weighing 2.64 pounds has a cost of $34.95. The bottle weighing 5.82 pounds of content has a price of $69.95.  

About the Company and What it Says the Product can Do

preview-full-hormone-replacementAs the name implies, the product is produced by Myogenix. It asserts that their supplement is designed with a potent formula that is intended for post-workout use. It concentrates on helping the body’s mechanism through the anabolic window. This is naturally essential in terms of facilitating muscle enlargement. The said stage has duration of 30 minutes after the workout session. This is the phase where the body is mostly geared up for muscle development on the condition that suitable nutrients are received. Myogenix AfterShock claims to contain the ideal nutrients needed to take advantage of this phase. It has nutrients crucial for restocking of glycogen, muscle enlargement and muscle recuperation.  

Understanding How Myogenix AfterShock Function

This particular supplement has been created with the intention of optimizing the promising state of the anabolic window after your workout session.  The components contained in the product are also developed to maximize the body’s chance to build more muscles as they simultaneously promote recuperation after exercising. What’s more is that Myogenix AfterShock has several antioxidants that are useful in eliminating free radicals accumulated in the blood because of surplus oxygen. Lastly, there’s a great deal of whey protein in this supplement as well.  

What are the Components in Myogenix AfterShock?

Below are some of the elements involved in the product’s formulation: Anabolic Whey Protein (34g): This component is lactose-free and serves as an agent for quicker absorption. Mass building carbs (35g): This one is credited for giving a push in terms of faster digestion of other nutrients while also enabling the body to restore glycogen. Amino Stack (14g): A proprietary blend, this is actually a mixture of creatine and glutamine plus BCAAs.  This facilitates increased assimilation pace with other components like the trademarked MagnaPower, magnesium glycyl glutamine, isoleucine, leucine, arginine and valine. Joint support formula (1500 mg): The contents here are MSM, chondroitin and glucosamine. Strong antioxidant blend: This is made up of B-vitamins, Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid.  

Myogenix AfterShock Product Features

This is particularly devoted on dealing with the anabolic window, to take advantage of what this stage can do to optimize muscle development. Myogenix AfterShock allows your muscles to continue working as it enables full recovery. It also delivers antioxidants to the body with the purpose of flushing out toxins and free radicals, which makes your body healthier. The supplement is also delectable with various flavors to choose from.  

Prescribed Amount for Myogenix AfterShock

The suggested dose when taking Myogenix AfterShock is a single portion of the product equivalent to 80g  combined with 12 to 1 oz of water. This has to be taken immediately after every workout routine. Safety and Health Precautions to Remember When Taking Myogenix AfterShock In the case that you’re suffering from a sickness and taking medications, talk to your doctor first before proceeding. This is also not ideal for those women who are expecting, as well as nursing mothers. Avoid Myogenix AfterShock if you have an allergy to shellfish.  

What are the Adverse Reactions Associated with Myogenix AfterShock Use?

preview-full-09-10-15_Img6 - CopyThus far there are no adverse reactions reported that are linked to Myogenix AfterShock use. Nevertheless, it has been elaborated on the supplement’s label and on the product site that it has components originating from soy and milk. It is even produced in a facility that also manufactures eggs, wheat, soy and milk. So, although there are no serious adverse reactions, you may experience negative physical manifestations if you happen to have an allergy to the food items mentioned above.

Myogenix AfterShock and Possibility of Interaction with Prescriptions

The manufacturer advises you to see your healthcare provider or doctor just to cross out the possibility of interaction; that is if you’re under medication. In the case that you think you suffering from a health issue, you need to consult your doctor, as well.  

What Users Have to Say About Myogenix AfterShock?

Customer reviews for Myogenix AfterShock are varied. There are positive feedbacks and there are also poor ones. Some customers say that Myogenix AfterShock can deliver great results that they’re still using it while others say that the supplement does not taste good.  

Bottom Line: Is Myogenix AfterShock the Real Deal?

For one, this supplement was mainly developed with the aim of helping the body recover and gain positive results after working out. It is claimed to be created with the utilization of the most recent technology in science and research. Myogenix AfterShock promises to deliver muscle mass gains as long as it is regularly used alongside your workout routine. There seems to be no adverse reactions, as well, except if you’re allergic to any of its ingredients. Overall, it can be suggested for those people requiring to have a great deal of physical and physiological uplifting after an exhausting workout session. This way, the muscles are protected while growth is also ensured.    

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