A Product Review of Body Fit By Femme Factor

by Michael Griffin
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Body Fit By Femme Factor Overview

This product is claimed to be a weight loss supplement that’s made of high-quality ingredients. Its potent components slow down the process of fat storage and encourages further torching of calories. Consequently, there’s reduction of fat assimilation and more immediate metabolism. This is accomplished through the utilization of Svetol, this is a green coffee bean-based component that reduces glucose levels in the body, which is being claimed to be responsible for the fat burning process. What’s more is that this component is also said to have undergone clinical testing and was substantiated to deliver weight loss results and boost lean muscle to fat ratio by 4 percent. Svetol is also being claimed to decrease the production of the enzyme contributing to the storage of fat by 30 percent. Femme Factor also insists that their product, Body Fit, is harmless and effectual. It does not trigger any adverse reactions. The company even advertises the product as “the secret to getting in shape.” Surely, you have your reasons why you want to shed some pounds. But with Body Fit By Femme Factor, does it really live up to its promise or is it just one of those weight loss products that are mostly just marketing fuss? Let’s find out by first checking its other components.


Body Fit By Femme Factor Components

Though there wasn’t any product label included on its official site, we learned that Body Fit By Femme Factor has the following ingredients: Svetol Caffeine EGCG CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine Razberi-K Saffron Extract Garcinia Cambogia Extract For one, Svetol is said to be an exclusive component that’s developed by Naturex. This particular ingredient is said to control and deal with weight, as well as provide overall wellness. This is accomplished through the use of a removed chlorogenic acid from coffee beans that were not roasted. Body Fit’s manufacturer also asserts that Svetol underwent clinical testing and was shown to lessen Body Mass Index by 10 percent, boost the torching of fat, and enhance the stability of glucose. On the other hand, the company cannot show any proof that there was a third party evaluation. Thus, it is hard to verify such revelations. Likewise, a trademarked form of beta alanine called CarnoSyn is also touted to slow down muscle exhaustion and enhance performance during training. But just like Svetol, its company does not give independent clinical verification to support their assertions, though the customary formulation of beta alanine is put as “possibly effective” for increasing physical performance. Bear in mind that not all studies reveal advantageous results as to the use of beta alanine for improvement of physical functionalities. The varying outcomes may be because of the few participants in the research or the inconsistency of the doses. It may also be because of the length of the period that the supplement was taken, the differences in the implementation of protocols and the populace that was studied. Beyond this, clinical proof illustrating that any of the components in Body Fit will deliver its marketed advantages is lacking. As a matter of fact, we learned that coffee beans, garcinia cambogia, and raspberry ketones don’t actually work in terms of obtaining weight loss. Still, despite the components in Body Fit By Femme Factor not really giving any positive weight loss effects, at least they won’t trigger any negative physical manifestations, either. So, Body Fit may not as an effectual weight loss agent as its manufacturer says it is, but what about its cost?


Body Fit By Femme Factor Purchase

If you buy from the manufacturer, a bottle of Body Fit containing 120 capsules is priced at $69.99. You can also opt to buy the product via a 14-day trial with a charge of $4.99 for shipping and handling fee. After this is over, you will be charged with the product’s total cost of $69.99. Simultaneously, you will be registered in the company’s autoship scheme where you will continue getting Body Fit By Femme Factor each month to replenish your supply. In turn, you will be charged $69.99 plus the $4.99 shipping and handling charge each month. All products manufactured by Femme Factor such as Body Fit includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling fees. Nevertheless, the money-back guarantee only applies to unopened bottles. In the case that you want to ask for a refund, discontinue your trial or cancel your autoship enrollment, contact the customer service at 877-516-8833 or 855-343-3663.

About the Company

Body Femme is headquartered in Aston, Pennsylvania. The company produces numerous products but Body Fit is the most prominent among all its manufactured supplements. It is listed with Better Business Bureau with a B- rating. This is based on 75 closed complaints as of November 29, 2015. The complaints are mostly about the struggle in the cancellation of the free trial and autoship program. As for the feedbacks on the supplement itself, Body Fit got 122 user reviews on Amazon as of this writing. It garnered an average of 4.4 stars with most customers appreciating the effects of boosted energy levels, decreased hunger and the visible weight loss outcomes. Nevertheless, a lot of these feedbacks also illustrated indications of being unreal. The reason for this strong assumption is that the accounts where the reviews came from only had reviews for this product only. Even though we aren’t saying that this is certainly the case, we’re also considering the fact that creation of counterfeit feedbacks is not unusual at all, especially in the industry of health supplements. Apart from Amazon, we found another review on Body Fit By Femme Factor in a forum on Bodybuilding.com where it was stated that the supplement was effective in providing an energy boost while also paving the way for weight loss of 11 lbs. There was also no adverse reaction for this product as it did not trigger any jittery sensations unlike other products.

Final Verdict: Is Body Fit By Femme Factor the Real Deal?

Without the advertising gimmicks, Body Fit By Femme Factor is a supplement that lacks clinical evidence as to its safety and efficiency. Its ingredients also lack the clinical support to back up the claims that they’re helpful in achieving weight loss. What’s more is that Body Fit By Femme Factor is not cheap considering its lack of clinical proof. Besides, its monthly autoship plan might be challenging to discontinue, which will surely make your financial situation suffer, especially if you end up not liking this product. All things considered, despite the company’s appealing invitation to try this weight loss supplement, the solution to weight loss is no secret. It’s just a matter of proper nutrition and regular exercise – an overhaul in your unhealthy lifestyle. There’s no easy way and there are no shortcuts. That is why it is wiser for you to spend your money on consulting with your physician or a dietician to help you lose weight the natural and healthy way, or maybe even recommend a better supplement in addition to dieting and exercising. You can even hire a personal trainer to further help you with your fitness regimen.

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