A Product Review of AlphaZXT: Is this Effective?

by Michael Griffin
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Overview of AlphaZXT

preview-full-shutterstock_534516325This product is a newbie in the brain supplement industry. It promotes itself by touting that it has a potent formulation consisting of natural focus factors capable of naturally increasing neurotransmitters. This can help you to become quicker in learning, wiser in working, as well as allow you to focus more intensely. Due to these claims, the company behind the supplement calls AlphaZXT as the “Viagra for the brain.” The manufacturer also claims that their product offers a set of components that have undergone scientific studies and tests. The primary component in AlphaZXT is phosphatidylcholine. The said ingredient boosts the generation of acetylcholine in your neurons. As a result, the following benefits can be achieved: Enhance memory, reaction time and overall mood Increase memory and improve intelligence Augment mental concentration, focus, and the capacity to preserve learned info Shield brain cell membranes for most favorable brain performance Neutralize cognitive impairment. Boost nerve growth factor receptors Offset nerve cells and fiber loss in the brain caused by aging Enhance brain wellness in general AlphaZXT is said to be water soluble, thus the components are taken in by the brain instantly after your intake. AlphaZXT’s usage of so many scientific terms makes it appear highly credible and genuine, but does the scientific data available go with its company’s assertions. You might want to think about the following factors:

Is there Clinical Proof for AlphaZXT?

On its official product site, it is being claimed that AlphaZXT has undergone clinical studies and was proven to be safe and effective. However, the company behind the supplement did not provide any reference to support their assertions. We tried to dig further, but we couldn’t find anything online that could substantiate their claims of having clinical evidence. How about the components involved in its formulation? There isn’t any comprehensive list or a product label available on the site, so we have no way of knowing that ingredients there are in AlphaZXT. We’re only told that it contains phosphatidylcholine. But WebMD said that there is inadequate proof that this particular ingredient can generate any positive effects for the brain. Simply put, there’s not enough scientific proof that the component in this product will do anything to make a difference for your brain.

AlphaZXT Marketing Strategies

Since there’s not enough clinical proof demonstrating AlphaZXT’s effectiveness, its company resorts to typical marketing techniques to persuade customers into buying by targeting their emotions. For instance, its website has a warning saying that AlphaZXT is too powerful that it can give you “extreme IQ effects”. They’re also giving this sense of urgency by saying that the demand for AlphaZXT is too high that they’re having trouble keeping up with their supply. Based on the dozens of nootropics we’ve evaluated, we can be fairly certain that these claims aren’t for real and are just made up to create buildup and excitement among prospective customers. Companies have the freedom to impose any kinds of marketing tactics, because they’re not subjected to any forms of governmental supervision before being offered for sales. Thus, these manufacturers can say whatever they want about their products without making them liable for misleading customers and without making them required to provide a solid piece of proof. As a matter of fact, the Food and Drug Administration only becomes tangled with companies when there are sufficient customer grievances gathered. Even so, by the time a manufacturer has been put into the legal procedures, they’re already onto their next step of making another supplement, beginning the same cycle all over again.

The Resemblance between AlphaZXT and Neuro3x

Since we’ve already mentioned manufacturers moving on to their next supplement, we also paid attention to how AlphaZXT’s site resembles the site of Neuro3x. This could signify that these two are created by the same company.

What Users Have to Say about AlphaZXT?

preview-full-shutterstock_326869622When we were just researching, AlphaZXT was a new supplement, hence the lack of real user feedbacks online. On the other hand, SupplementCritique said that AlphaZXT’s company lowers itself by resorting to usual devious marketing ploys that are already done by several supplement manufacturers. This includes making false news articles with fake celebrity promotions, and even launching fake review sites. These are designed to give you the impression that AlphaZXT is an official and credible product that’s capable of giving excellent health gains and is highly prominent because it works so well. Nonetheless, it is our judgment that this isn’t the case. Also, there’s no further information about AlphaZXT somewhere else, nor does its company have any details online. Generally, nootropics garner 2 stars from customers with usual grievances including steep costs, ineffectiveness, and being hard to discontinue trials or processing refunds. Thus, it’s also likely that you’ll experience the same troubles, though it does not directly mean that.

AlphaZXT Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

This particular supplement is offered through three multiple buying selections: 1 Bottle: $49.85 Buy 2, Get 1 Free: $113.82 Buy 3, Get 2 Free: $149.95

You’ll get free shipping whatever option you select.

AlphaZXT’s company provides a 60-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling. But this is only applicable to unused and unopened items. So, you can’t return the product once already opened. For a refund, you can call customer support at (855) 962-7747 to get a Return Merchandize Authorization.

Can AlphaZXT Improve Your Brain Health?

Since there’s no list of components available on the site and the only ingredient we’re aware of does not really produce the effects as said by AlphaZXT’s company, we think that AlphaZXT is not likely to give your brain an essential boost. Plus, its manufacturer also practices devious marketing schemes to convince people to buy the product, which is kind of a red flag. It’s also disconcerting that AlphaZXT has a resemblance to another nootropic supplement called Neuro3x.

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