9 Tips to Become an Open-Minded Person

by Webmd Men Staff
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Sometimes it can be hard to open your mind to new possibilities. Many people believe that their perspective of what is right and what is wrong is the only viewpoint that matters.

However, not one individual is correct in their assumptions about a particular stance or position on a topic. Instead, to come up with a sound reason for a matter one must think collectively about past experiences, other’s opinions, and the history of the subject.

But how does a person learn how to become open-minded? Here are the top nine tips to become an open-minded person:

  1. Learn more

As kids, many people thought “what is the point of learning these useless facts?” Although learning a subject in a different field is said to increase your thinking ability across all disciplines. For example, studying religion while majoring in creative writing will enhance your knowledge not only of religion but will broaden your intelligent in writing. Therefore, you should not restrict yourself to only basic knowledge, but instead expand your thinking with different, and unusual subjects if you learn more about a specific topic as well as other topics discussing the matter you’re more likely to be open-minded about the subject, and thus about other’s opinions towards that particular subject.

  1. Don’t say no to opportunities  

9 Tips to Become an Open-Minded PersonPeople love to say no to new opportunities that present themselves, however turning down an opportunity may backfire in the future. It’s true that some people turn down opportunities because they’re scared of failing at a particular task or because they simply can’t do the job. Although opportunities are meant to be embraced and while you might not succeed the first time it’s the journey that you’ll remember the most. In fact, the journey of the opportunity will likely make you more open-mind about other’s opinions, realistic life goals, and how to work with others. Therefore, instead of saying no to opportunities say yes for the sheer unknown of the journey.

  1. Read daily

It’s commonly known that some people struggle to read more than half a book. However, reading is crucial to expanding your overall knowledge. In fact, most people love reading since they can learn about events and situations without having to leave the comfort of their home. Reading is known to aid in debates about society, nature, science, and more. Additionally, reading can allow a person to think openly about different subjects. Therefore, reading is essential to becoming an open-minded person.

  1. Have discussions  

Talking to different people and hearing their opinions on many subjects allows a person to be more open-minded about their views towards a particular topic. Having a conversation about one or many issues forces a person to honestly think about his or her ideas and why they’re important or why they’re correct. Therefore, discussing a topic broadens a person’s viewpoint since he or she hears and thus, debates about the matter at hand. Expanding a person’s views is crucial to having an open-mind since it displays that the individual’s beliefs are not the only one that is correct.

  1. Listen to talk shows

Instead of discussing with an individual or a group, a person could listen to a discussion on TV in order to broaden their intellect. Regularly on talk shows, a TV presenter will debate a series of topics with a group of experts. Such discussion about a subject is likely to generate both popular and unpopular opinions about the matter at hand. Therefore, hearing conflicting views will leave a person open-minded due to the fact that no one person is right or wrong, but instead, each person brings up-to-date information that they can be shared with the rest of the world.

  1. Respect others

One of the fundamental principles of being open-minded is respecting others and their beliefs. It’s crucial that while you may not believe in the same religion, political principles, or core values as others that you treat them as if they were your own. Many people have heard the playground saying, “treat others as you want to be treated,” however people are known not to take its significance to heart if you respect others than your more likely to be open-minded to controversial topics as well as speak your mind when injustices are seen.

  1. Question what you know  

Sometimes you need to rethink what you know in order to become open-minded about a specific topic. Many people experience a period of enlightenment when they reach college or a place of higher learning. However, questioning what you already know can be hard for some people. In order to question yourself, you have to admit that there’s a chance your opinion might be wrong. Only then can you explore and debate other ways in which your opinion can be better expanded.

  1. Look at the history  

9 Tips to Become an Open-Minded PersonPeople are prone to make snap judgments about the types of people and the kinds of places in an area without thinking twice about the past. However, history is not only essential to how humans live today but determines how cultures interact with one another. Tensions that might have risen decades earlier between one country and another may still have some aggregation towards each other. Understanding history, allows a person to broaden their intellect which will in return open one’s mind to the unknown possibilities.

  1. Ask questions

Many people don’t realize that when they ask a question, they’re furthering their learning ability. Asking questions is one of the best ways to learn new things, especially if the content is in a different field of study than your used to. By asking questions, you allow yourself to think intensely about a subject; therefore, you analyze and examine the topic which will expand intellect. In fact, if you ask questions, you’re more likely to understand how an object functions, its use, and why it’s needed. Therefore, asking questions is not only crucial to have an open mind but also plays a key role in learning too.

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