8 Tips for A Successful Weight Loss When You’re Struggling

by Webmd Men Staff
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Maintaining a healthy weight is ideal. It really is when obesity is on the rise not only in America but also in other parts of the world. We certainly can’t blame people who are overweight. With lots of contradictory talks surrounding the weight loss arena, people find themselves at a loss. They don’t know what to do and who to listen to. The following are good enough reasons why someone doesn’t one want to lose excess weight:

  • Mixed messages

Not long time ago, people are advised to stay away from fat because they’re found to be the culprit for serious health problems. So, they eat low fat and fat-free diets. While these foods are free of fat, they’re loaded with sweeteners and artificial flavorings to enhance their tastes, which make them unfit to eat all the same. The confusion these messages create only numb people from distinguishing the right from the wrong advice.

  • Overweight is acceptable

Since overweight issues have become a common topic, people start to see it as something normal. They don’t see themselves overweight despite what their BMI says.

  • Gaining the weight back

Because only a handful of people succeed in their weight loss goals, others who gain their weight back simply shrug their shoulders off and accept that they can’t lose excess weight no matter how they try. One study shows that our bodies are designed to gain back the weight we’re able to lose, which means losing extra pounds is truly a hard task.

No matter how valid the above reasons may appear to you, you still need to lose weight to keep your body healthy. Obesity has been linked to serious diseases like heart problems, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases. Maintaining a healthy weight is one sure way to avoid developing any of these debilitating health issues. If losing weight seems to be an insurmountable task, the following tips may help ease the way for you.

1. Know that it’s for you

flatter stomach from weight lossWhen you set your weight loss goals, keep in mind that you’re doing it for yourself and not for someone else. If your goal is outside of yourself, you’re bound to lose the motivation once you lose the external goal.

For example, if you want to lose weight to get the woman of your dream to notice you, you’d probably go all the way to hit your goal. You’d be on cloud nine once you acquire the weight and have the girl. But when she goes away, you’d be devastated. Outside validation isn’t a good goal to start with. When you lose weight, see to it that it’s for your own good and not for someone else.

2. You may lose people closer to you along the way

Your friends or family will be supportive at first. But as you go along, you’d be eating foods they aren’t eating and doing things they’re not doing. Seeing your confidence in what you do will scare the hell out of them. They may start to question your motives until they no longer can stand in your presence.

Just let them go. You’d be able to find friends who are also going on the same journey. Sharing the same interest can ignite new friendships.

3. Practice positive self-reinforcement

Telling yourself you want to lose weight because the person you see in the mirror looks disgusting couldn’t help you. This negative self-talk sticks with you on the journey. Instead of helping you, it makes you feel bad about yourself.

Rather than focus on the negative self-image, be gentle with yourself and choose reassuring words. Tell yourself the reason you’re losing weight is that you want to be healthy enough to watch your future grandkids grow.

4. Don’t expect immediate results

While seeing your progress can inspire you to push some more, expecting results too soon may only disappoint you. Like any undertaking, losing weight takes time. More time to be exact.

Experts say losing weight quickly can encourage your body to gain it back more quickly. Try not to focus on the results but on your day to day progress. When daily wins add up, they can yield results that can go beyond your expectations. The key is to stay patient and remain positive as you go along. If you hold on for a month, you’ll start to see progress.

5. Find the right weight loss program that’s fun for you

overweight man running on treadmillSince maintaining a healthy weight is a lifelong journey, you don’t have to take the process too seriously. As you begin, you may often find yourself at the crossroads, not knowing which path to take. With all the information out there and its brilliant promises, choosing the right weight loss program can be naturally confusing.

But don’t allow yourself to be defeated by overwhelm. Pick the one that’s easier for you to do. Try to stick with it for eight weeks. If you see no progress, find another one. You’re not alone on this journey. Many people have also been in your shoes. They didn’t give up until they found the right one that’s designed exactly for them.

6. Stick with it

Once you find the right weight loss regimen for you, stick with it and enjoy the process. You’re likely to hold on to it through thick and thin when you find more joy doing it.

7. Have a definite goal

You’re likely to succeed when you know the right approach to achieving your goal. Let’s say, if your goal is to run a mile, you may start with 1k then 2k. Keep adding the numbers until you hit your goal.

If your goal is to hit a number in the scale, begin by losing a few pounds a week. Measuring your progress would be much easier when you have a clearly defined goal.

8. Track your progress

Seeing results no matter how small is enough to motivate you to push some more. You will get a clearer picture of where you’re heading once you know how far you’ve come.

While physical transformation is visible as you enjoy your success in shedding the extra weight, others may not see the mental and psychological transformation that also takes place within you. When your intention to lose weight is to have a healthy body, you’re bound to make healthy choices in life. And this goes not only to the physical but also to the mental processes that accompany your weight loss success.

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