8 Manly Movies You Need To See

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Watching movies are an excellent way to relax after a long day. Whether you have been working hard at your job, taking care of your kids, or immersed in a passion project, you may need a break. So, you plop on your couch, turn on the TV, and stare at the screen. Hmmm, what should you watch? You flip through a few channels. Not much is grabbing your attention. That’s all right, you can stop looking.

Here are 8 movies that won’t put hair on your chest, but will keep it there.

#1: 300

This movie follows the lives of 300 Spartans who are battling a Persian army. There’s a lot of violence, blood, and Lena Headey. Based on a true story, slightly, this movie mashes a lot of murder against the backdrop of camaraderie, sacrifice for your fellow man, and the power of having belief. To let off some steam, pick up a copy of 300.

#2: Braveheart

Braveheart movie reelA Scottish peasant named William Wallace becomes a freedom fighter in order to take freedom from the oppressive English Empire. His bravery sparks the first war of independence from King Edward I of England. When you turn on Braveheart, you’ll be inundated with tons of battles, defeats, and victory. This story is gently based on true events and features a line that could be the battle cry for all humans, “They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom!” Watch as William Wallace battles for what is right and tries to heal his broken heart.

#3: Shawshank Redemption

Andy is guilty. When his wife and her lover are found dead, he is charged with their murders and sentenced to life without parole. The problem? He’s an innocent man. While many people say they are innocent, Andy actually did not commit these crimes. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Unable to prove his case, he is thrown into the brutal world of a prison, where he fights every day for his dignity.

Extremely intelligent, he befriends the warden, builds a library, and becomes a champion for other prisoners through his negotiations for better living conditions. He spends his time with fellow “Lifer”, Red, who dispenses wisdom in the calm tone of a man who’s seen everything. Throughout the movie, Andy shows the importance of staying true to yourself and what you believe in. He fights for those who may not be able to fight for themselves and never lets anyone break his spirit.

#4: Escape From Alcatraz

Inescapable. Until these three men came along, this prison on Alcatraz Island had let no man slip away to freedom. But, streaks are meant to be broken. Bank robber, Frank Morris, led this daring escape with an elaborate plan that would fool all guards, systems, and other measures to keep him locked away. He had dreams of freedom and the penitentiary that had housed Al Capone and “Birdman” Robert Stroud would not thwart those dreams. With his escape, Frank Morris went down in history as one of the only men to ever escape.

#5: Predator

Aliens have landed on Earth and they did not come in peace. Predator follows the mission of Major “Dutch” Schaefer, a special agent of the military, and his team as they travel the South American jungles. Believing they are there to search for survivors of a helicopter crash, they soon find they have been sent there under false pretenses. Whether or not there is a helicopter or survivors, will soon prove to be the least of their worries as they attempt to survive against an enemy no man has before. Dutch and his team are being hunted by an alien that kills with ease. They will be forced to use all of their survival skills to come out alive. But, is that the entire story? Grab a copy and find out.

#6: Jaws

The movie that birthed the iconic theme music, Jaws chronicles man’s battle with nature. It begins with 1,100 men in the water and settles into a quick, heart-pounding, bloody pace after only 300 men come out. The remaining men hunt the shark, and then it settles on just three men, in a tiny boat, surrounded by massive sharks who are hungry. Will they survive, turn on one another, kill the shark? Many people know this answer, but do you?

great white shark Jaws movie

#7: The Bourne Identity

If an awesome super-spy assassin is your kind of protagonist, The Bourne Identity, is right up your alley. Jason Bourne has lost all of his memory, but none of his amazing abilities. He goes through the movie trying to understand what’s happening, who he is, and how he came to be involved in a conspiracy with the CIA. Throughout the movie, Jason, runs for his life, but because he doesn’t remember his past, will he like what he finds?

#8: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This spaghetti Western winds through classic Western and Civil War landscapes. A loner travels the vast lands in search of stolen gold. Considered the Good, he fights against the Bad, a bounty hunter, and the Ugly, a bandit. Though he is only a little more saintly than his enemies, this classic movie tells his story through excellent performances, a breathtaking score, and a compelling story.

Enjoy these manly movies with your buddies or your significant other if they like amazing storylines and performances. Many of these movies will leave you inspired, while others will just get you pumped up.

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