8 Future Fitness Gadgets And Philosophies

by Webmd Men Staff
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The future is healthy. Zion market Research reported the fitness equipment market will grow to $12.5 billion industry, increasing 4% by 2021. With these increases, the future will hold some amazing technology to support our health. PureGym did a thorough search of patents in search of high-tech wearable gear that will be produced by wearable fitness brands. Here are eight of those products or philosophies that will be available to support you.

#1 Smart Shoes

Patented by Adidas, these self-charging shoes use your movement, or kinetic energy, to charge themselves. You will no longer have to stay plugged in or worry about your battery dying, just move a little and watch the bars go up. These shoes will count your steps, speed, distance, and also store energy through the bending needed when walking or running.

#2 Chemical-Releasing Clothes

athletic guy wearing workout clothesUnder Armour, an American sports clothing provider, is working on clothes that will release chemicals to optimize performance. These garments will have tiny wires embedded in them that gradually release chemicals in therapeutic dosages that are known to improve health. One chemical may be magnesium, which has been shown to improve blood pressure and heart rhythm regulation. Another chemical may be insulin. Required in Type 1 Diabetes, which often afflicts children and teenagers, different types of insulin must be taken many times a day. These clothes could make insulin-dependent people’s lives a lot easier by removing the need to constantly inject insulin in order to regulate their glucose levels.

#3 Pulse Wave Arterial Analyzer

Fitbit has filed a patent for a device that can measure the stiffness of the arteries. Usually, this measurement has to be done by doctors, but this device will save you from doctor’s appointments. It can track stiffness in real time while your body is being stressed through activity. Why is this useful for your health? As the arteries stiffen, your risk of health conditions such as myocardial infarction (heart attack) and stroke increase. These conditions are the cause of most deaths in developed countries. This feature used to be available on Nokia’s Body Cardio scale but was removed. Fitbit’s noninvasive device analyzes the pulse waves transmitted into a photoplethysmograph and reports back stiffening of the arteries. Atherosclerosis and all of its complications will be a thing of the past.

#4 Anti-Aging Supplements

Bioventures, LLC, is working on a supplement that will stimulate muscle growth in elderly people. As we grow older, our bodies ability to stimulate muscle protein synthesis through the use of amino acids decreases and we lose muscle mass and strength. At the moment, exercising is the go-to to build muscle mass, but this supplement may take care of this for us.

#5 Have A Smartwatch? Get A Super-Smart One!

looking at smartwatchApple has been a pioneer in smart watches. Its line of watches have traversed many lands and helped many millions of people. Built sleek and stylish with the ability make phone calls, check your calendar, and monitor your fitness activity, these watches have changed our lives for the better. But, Apples’ not content to stop there. A patent shows Apple will add pressure sensors and light rays to monitor blood pressure and detect heart-rate abnormalities. With these watches, your health is just a glance away.

#6 Target Your Body And Mind

As the future approaches, fitness will expand to not only include the health of your body but also of our mind. Experts say fitness will focus on what happens before, during, and after a workout. This will help you determine when you have pushed too hard and need to take a break so your body can recover. Many technologies will integrate heart rate variability, currently used with professional athletes, to maximize your workout by monitoring your heart.

In addition, you will have a huge slew of stats that will include information about your nutrition, rest/sleep, stress management, etc. in order to target your body and lifestyle. This philosophy may be expanded to children, instilling healthy habits well before they have developed poor ones.

#7 Wearables Will Be Invisible

Sensors may be embedded in your watches, phones, and clothing, among other items. These will give you real-time data on various aspects of your life without any effort or discomfort. Each device will be tied to intuitive apps that will provide clear data and where you need improvements. Not only will you get information on your physical health, but you will be able to enjoy a noninvasive view of your entire life.

#8 Gamification Will Grow

There’s little that can get you up and sweating like fun can. Virtual reality and augmented reality will play a large part in the changing fitness landscape. Being immersed in the worlds of the game or just placing your favorite characters in the real world will motivate you far beyond just a regular gym membership. With the adoption of gaming, you may find yourself chasing streaks, leveling up, earning badges, and striving to annihilate your friends. We all want to win and so we’ll sweat to do it. With gamification, these companies are heading in the right direction.

The future of fitness gadgets and philosophies looks amazing. They will combine a variety of different disciplines to meet every need you may have. Like The Sims, fitness companies are latching onto the idea of customization. The more you can customize the closer you will feel to your fitness. None of us wants to feel like a number being stirred in a cauldron of other numbers. We want to feel special and to believe that the companies care about our lives. With these new gadgets and philosophies, you can be pretty sure they do.

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