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Valentine’s Day is a big deal for many women and men. This can make it hard for you as you try to do what your partner wants. Your partner may love chocolate, hate jewelry, or some other combination, so it can be tough as you try to read your partner’s mind.

You may be wracking your brain for the right gift or outing that will make them happy, but for the love of your relationship, don’t be the man who does any of these seven things listed below. And yes, men really did do all of these things.


After booking a Tinder date with a new man on Valentine’s day, a woman spruced herself up and headed to a restaurant she had been wanting to try. She arrived and was directed to a table with a woman sitting where her tinder date should have been. Confused, the woman sat down after confirming this was the correct table. Turns out, the woman was her Tinder date’s wife. After finding out he had set up a Tinder date, his wife came in his place. It’s unclear if his wife just told him not to come, but he never showed up.

Never set up a Tinder date when you have a spouse or, you know, let your significant other discover you have set up a Tinder date. Always use discretion. Though, of course, it’s best to not date while you’re married.


One man took his partner to the KFC he worked at — and used his 15 percent discount to pay for the meal. While KFC can be fun when you’d like some fried chicken, it does not count as a romantic dinner. Just because you work at a fast food restaurant does not mean you should take your partner there on Valentine’s Day.

If you are strapped for cash, suggest a romantic dinner in, not a fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and pop medley with your company discount attached.


7 WAYS TO MAKE VALENTINE’S DAY HORRIBLE —FOR YOUR PARTNERAfter sending his mother out to buy his girlfriend something nice with $20, this man then gave his girlfriend the gifts his mother had brought—Walgreens candy and a fake, cheap rose from said Walgreens. To make things worse, this man did not even wrap the items. He handed them to his girlfriend in the Walgreens plastic bag with the tags still attached. And what had his girlfriend gotten him in return? A fancy wristwatch.

If you do not have much money, at least remove the tags and put it in a basket. Do not hand your significant other a plastic bag. That is not romantic at all. For that matter, neither is Walgreens candy and a fake flower that you didn’t even bother to get yourself.

This man could not even say he went out and got these gifts himself. It’s Valentine’s, do the legwork yourself. 


After receiving home opener tickets for Valentine’s Day, one man gave his girlfriend nothing. While Valentine’s Day isn’t about the gifts, but about the love between two people, that doesn’t mean you should bring nothing. Chocolate or something would have been better than nothing. This couple did break up and hopefully, the man learned that you shouldn’t just bring your love unless that is the agreed upon arrangement.

Always bring something. Save your amazing and wonderful invisible love for other days where gifts aren’t expected.


Knowing his girlfriend enjoys the romantic gestures of Valentine’s, a man decided it wasn’t important. He offered no romantic pleasantries in the morning and went out with his friends at the end of the day. As an afterthought, he finally dropped off a basic bouquet of flowers. They did not go to dinner or anything special. 10 months of dating and he decided to act as if Valentine’s Day never existed. The woman was very disappointed.

Always acknowledge Valentine’s Day, especially if you know your partner enjoys the romantic nature of the day. The only time you should not acknowledge it is if your partner makes it very clear they are not interested.


Truly, this is the worst behavior of them all. After a year of dating, a woman and man went to a fancy restaurant for their Valentine’s Day anniversary. The man got on one knee and the woman believed he was going to propose. She began crying. The man sat back down and told her he had dropped his napkin. Throughout the night, he then made silly jokes about her reaction and when the check came, he wrote something on the back, flipped the check to its front, and then excused himself to the bathroom.

7 WAYS TO MAKE VALENTINE’S DAY HORRIBLE —FOR YOUR PARTNERA little later, the woman saw him leaving the restaurant. She flipped over the check, which said, “You’re not the marrying type. Have a nice life, we’re through.”

So, she spent the rest of Valentine’s alone, was dumped on their anniversary, and just to make things absolutely worse, she had to pay the check.

Imagine how she must have felt. This is awful no matter what day, but even worse due to the combination of events.


Even when short on time, always check the tags before buying flowers. You do not want to repeat the mistake of one man who, rushing, brought a cemetery marker rather than Valentine’s Day flowers.

So, these are some of the behaviors you should avoid on Valentine’s Day. Ask your partner if they enjoy Valentine’s Day and what they would like. You aren’t a mind reader, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something special if your partner would like it.

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