7 Ways to Maintain Weight and Prevent Weight Regain

    successful weight loss

    Losing some weight can be exciting while regaining it back can feel like you’ve just been defeated. Weight regain is normal in most weight loss quest. Experts say 80% of people who have lost some excess weight gain it back. If you’ve been on the same path, knowing you’re not alone should help you ease up a bit. Don’t take to heart the experience too much because there’s still hope. The first thing you need to do is pinpoint the cause then seek ways to shed those extra pounds again.

    Why you regain your weight back:

    • Your body stores more energy

    If eating fewer calories is one of your diet strategies, your body’s response to this change is storing more calories to prevent you from starving. Studies state that for every pound you lose, your body will normally do everything to make you consume 100 more calories. Once your body senses that you’re starving, it will slow down and burn muscle tissue instead of fats. You may assume the weight loss is due to fat loss, but it’s not.

    • You have unaddressed psychological issues

    Having a poor relationship with food can also affect your weight loss journey. Let’s say, the numbers on the scale proved you’ve hit your goal. But once your emotions become unstable, you grab for comfort foods to make you feel better. Unless you address your issues, you wouldn’t attain success in weight loss.

    • Your weight loss strategy isn’t sustainable

    fad diets don't work tilesFad diets and intermittent fasting require you to follow strict diet patterns. Failing to stick with it is likely to increase your food cravings. Most fad diets provide only short-term solutions.

    • You don’t have clear goals

    Having concrete goals pave your way for success. If you don’t put into writing your goals and don’t include it on your schedule, you’re likely to follow a weight-loss roller coaster. A successful weight loss goal takes time. For example, if you’ve lost some pounds for the week and choose to skip workouts in the next, weight regain is right ahead of you. It’s okay to have a slow start as long as you stay consistent.

    7 Ways to Maintain Your Weight:

    1. Communicate with your body well

    Your body will work against you when you fail to communicate with it well. Your body is an amazing mechanism that supports only for your own survival. When it senses some forms of threat, it finds ways to hurdle the difficulty. A good example of this is your eating habits. Your body can detect when you’re losing weight through diet.

    Just like what we’ve stated above, your body will store fat to keep you energized. Thus, it chooses to burn muscle tissues than fats. Researchers call this “fat super accumulation”, which is a major contributory factor to weight regain. Interestingly, you don’t have to eat more to stop your body from accumulating fats. Going back to eating normal is all it takes. Hence, instead of eating fewer calories, eat more healthy fats and less of the bad fats.

    1. Learn to negotiate with yourself

    On some days, your motivation just nosedives. Visualizing yourself doing those routines won’t help either. This can be a good excuse not to show up. But you can move past this by negotiating with yourself. Instead of spending one hour at the gym, tell yourself you’ll do your routines for twenty minutes and then you’ll stop.

    Once you’re there and warmed up, you’re likely to finish the one-hour workout since you’re already there and started sweating. On some days, be content with a thirty-minute session so as not to be too harsh with yourself.

    1. Go slow and steady

    You’re more likely to regain your weight back quickly when you lose it quickly. The secret to lasting weight loss success lies in hitting small goals consistently. You’d be putting your body on rough conditions when you aim for quick weight loss. Yet, doing it slow and steady can accumulate over time and give you better results.

    1. Forgive yourself

    Others feel bad about themselves and get totally disappointed once they regain their weight back. You don’t have to beat yourself up when this happens. This only means the strategy you used doesn’t work for you. Instead of feeling guilty, find other ways to obtain success in your weight loss journey.

    1. Seek help from others

    When you’ve done everything you can, but are still stuck in that weight cycle, a professional might help you. Ask friends for references. Perhaps some issues are holding you back from attaining success. It helps to have another person look into the matter more closely. Others may have a better idea once you have shared with them your game plan.

    1. Plan your meals

    meal plans for weight maintenanceWhile eating less doesn’t help you lose weight, eating the right kind of food in the right amount does. Meal plans prevent you from depriving yourself of the proper nutrition you need while on your journey to weight loss. It gives you a bigger perspective of what to eat and the best alternatives to cravings.

    Cooking your own food is one way of eating the right food. But if your work schedule doesn’t allow you to prepare your food, you can opt for a meal delivery service that supports your diet plans.

    1. Surround yourself with the right people

    The right people include your family, friends, and loved ones who willingly support you in your weight loss journey. In some cases, some of your friends support you in the beginning but tend to be judgmental, especially when you’re unable to make it. Stay away from these people because they’re not actually there to support you. But keep the ones who support you along the way. They’re the people who understand when you say no to a slice of pizza. And they’re also the people who are willing to create an environment that supports your goal, such as getting junk food out of your sight.

    Weight loss is not an easy journey. In fact, it’s supposed to be difficult. Your weight fluctuates so are your food cravings. But when you hold on and stick to doing the things that prevent excess weight from sabotaging your health and your life, you’re on the right track to making it till the end.


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