7 Things That Make Her Heart Melt

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    Women have been screaming that it’s not only sex that makes them feel loved and wanted. And you might have heard this more often, except for one-night stands when your partner doesn’t care to see you or not see you again after the horny session.

    There are also a handful of women who fared well in a noncommitted relationship. Whether you treat them more romantically or not, they care less about it. As long as you make them feel sexy and desirable, they’re okay.

    But what about in a committed relationship? Things can be more complicated, but you simply don’t want to lose that ‘baby’ who seems to brighten up your life even through stormy days. She’s the woman whose pleasure is on top of your list, the one you don’t want to do away with.

    Yet, do you know all the things she wants? Do you know all the words that she wants to hear from you? Through time, you might have been familiar with her sexual dictionary, but if you’re new partners, you can melt her heart by doing the following things.

    Let her know how grateful you are for having her

    Statistics show that nearly half of the women prefer partners who honor a commitment. Your partner may be grateful you ended up together, but she needs to hear the words. Women love words.

    According to studies, women speak around 7,000 words a day while men speak around 2,000 words. Even if you’re a man with a few words, your partner’s heart will surely melt once she hears the spoken words.

    Schedule date nights on your calendar

    date nightRegular dates keep the romance alive. If you’re married, taking out your wife on a date is especially recommended experts say. While a date once a week seems very romantic think again.

    Studies show this is not the secret to making your married life succeed. In fact, the results showed that couples who dated once every week were as likely to succeed as couples who hardly went out. The researchers attributed this to the higher responsibilities the couplers face in their married life.

    Instead of enhancing their romantic connection, frequent dates only add to their stress. They have to add it up to their budget, leave some undone household chores or do the hard task of finding the right babysitter, which may escalate their stress levels.

    Turns out, dating your wife at least once a month is a sweet spot. One more interesting thing, relationship counselor and author Scott Haltzman suggests timing your date nights with your wife’s sexual calendar. This means you need to know her menstrual cycle to be able to calculate the date when she’s ovulating.

    During ovulation and six days before it, women are hornier and are likely to be open to making love. One study revealed that there’s a 24 percent increase in sexual intercourse during the six days. Take advantage of that opportunity. Win-win.

    Lend a hand with the household chores

    Traditionally, women were expected to do the house chores while men went out to work. But times have changed. Women have also entered into the workforce. If you have a working wife, she would gladly appreciate it when you help her fold the laundry or clean the yard.

    Research says that women are more sexually attracted to husbands who help in the house. So, when you’re feeling kinky, instead of giving her light kisses or other nonverbal sexual cues, volunteer to wash the dishes.

    When you do this most of the time, she will get that something more exciting is coming after you turned off the lights. Better yet, tell her to take a warm bath while you finish with the dishes. That’s a lot sexier.

    Let her speak

    Men’s default action when something troubles their partner is to quickly spring into action. Try to refrain from doing such a thing. Your wife will admire you more when you allow her to speak and express her concern. Maybe that’s all she needs – a listening ear. Most of the time, a woman needs only a patient listener, someone she can pour out her heart and emotions.

    Tell her that you understand and that you care. That’s the most loving thing you can do to ease her troubles.

    Make the most of your intimate moments

    The bedroom should be a place conducive to sleep and sex. Avoid making it a place where you play games on your gadget, watch tv or engage in critical issues. Your intimate moments together should be utilized and respected. Let it be the time to talk about your plans, each other, or have sex. It makes her feel extremely important and special when you spend intimate moments just for the two of you.

    Be her hero

    If you think playing spiderman during your sex role play makes you her hero, do it anyway. But that only makes you a hero for the night and not for the rest of her life.

    Some studies show that women prefer men who are open to doing heroic deeds than men who are only up for the thrill and adventure. Acting like a hero doesn’t mean being reckless and risk-taking. It only means she can count on you when problems arise whether it be life-threatening or financial matters. Being a hero is being the protector of the house. Women just fall over heels for men who act this way.

    Take care of yourself

    Even if this last one is not about her but you, it still is all about her. You take good care of yourself because you know she deserves a better man. You exercise and eat right to make yourself healthy. You could not protect her when you’re weak and sickly. Most of all, you take care of yourself because you want her to enjoy immensely in bed.

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