7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive (And Satisfy Your Partner)

by Mike Stewart
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Many men in married couples, particularly older men, question themselves whether they can still perform well enough in bed to satisfy their partner.

Sometimes, it’s not even just a matter of how they perform, but rather their emotional and mental availability that matters for a deeply satisfying sexual relationship. One thing we should all understand is every person is wired differently. While each of us have distinct preferences that affect most of the decisions and choices we make, most couples will agree that sex is a fulfilling expression of their love.

But problems do happen between the sheets. It’s perfectly normal for couples to encounter them. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 7 ways you can boost your sexual drive to satisfy your partner’s needs.

1) Reduce your stress levels

Stress is a significant factor to consider when it comes to having sex.

7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive (And Satisfy Your Partner)

Having severe problems relating to stress affects all the activities that you do. It can lower a person’s libido or simply what we call sex drive.

Several studies indicate that cortisol levels, often known as the stress hormone, can arise when a person is stressed out. This factor can stand in the way of getting aroused and having enough sexual drive.

Try to reduce your stress by doing exercises and meditation. Do not overthink and always be positive. Managing stress is not easy, but only you can help yourself get rid of it. Don’t be scared to ask for assistance and support from your local doctor or therapist when solving stress problems.

2) Explore what turns both of you on

Because some of us are getting tons of daily activities, having sex at the end of the day is not a priority. Having a low level of sexual desire is a problem for every couple too. If you are experiencing the same situation, you might want to try several things to get aroused and improve your desires. Activities such as watching porn, reading erotic stories, experimenting with sex toys, listening to erotic music, or fantasize or try sexting. 

You may try these activities with your partner, and you can quickly get the result you wanted. Being creative and experimenting with new things while having sex will also increase your sexual drive, giving you the right amount of arousal you needed. Don’t be afraid to explore!

3) Get rid of performance anxiety

Performance anxiety is a person’s fear or negative thoughts about their ability to perform a specific task. Feeling pressured, simply as what they call it, can also get in the way of boosting your sexual drive. If you are always thinking about the negativity of doing something, you will never get the chance to enjoy life. As for couples, letting go of performance anxiety while thinking about sex might be an excellent way to start improving your sexual needs and enjoy pleasure. Take time to know more about your sexual demands and cravings. Don’t be pressured and enjoy every moment.

4) Set enough time for quality rest and recovery each day

This tip might be the easiest to do to boost your sexual drive. Getting enough amount of sleep per day is also a requirement to get fit and healthy. You might want to track your sleeping hours daily so you can get the best result you wanted. Lack of sleep or exhaustion is not just a bad thing about sex, but it can also lead to some illnesses and diseases. 

5) Talking about relationship dissatisfaction

Satisfying their partner’s sexual needs and demands is an essential matter for every couple. Satisfaction can lead to long-lasting happiness and contentment. If you and your partner are experiencing problems like this, you might be experiencing a sort of relationship dissatisfaction. You might want to talk about it over dinner and try to think of solutions to resolve it. Knowing what is going on with your partner’s mind is very important. This way, you can easily adjust according to their demands and preferences.

6) Lessening negative thinking or anticipation

If you are in a relationship, you might want to let go of the negativity and anticipation you’re thinking. Suppose you’re having second thoughts about having sex because you feel you can easily get pregnant or get a sex-related disease. In that case, you might want to talk about it with your partner. You can also try to engage with sex while using condoms and birth control if you anticipate pregnancy. If you are experiencing undesirable pain while having sex or having problems with getting an erection, you might want to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

7). Schedule an appointment with your therapist

7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive (And Satisfy Your Partner)

Setting up an appointment with a general or therapist or a sex therapist is also the best way to answer all your questions about boosting your sexual drive. They are the ones who can understand your situation can give you the correct advice you need. You don’t need to feel embarrassed about opening up or getting therapy with your sex life. If you want to improve not just your sexual activities but also your health, this is the best way to do it.

Getting the proper knowledge about sex is an excellent way to start if you want to satisfy your partner’s sexual needs. If you truly know your partner’s preferences – or willing to explore new things – then there’s nothing you can’t do to fire up the flame of passion in your partner. Also remember that communication is the key to every successful relationship. Talking about problems and indifferences and resolving them is a sign of emotional maturity.

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