6 Natural Ways to Get That Blood Pressure Down without Medication

by Michael Griffin
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High blood pressure can also be referred to as hypertension. It affects around 85 million Americans, most of which are men. High blood pressure is when the pressure of the blood pumping through the blood vessels at such a force that it is pushing against the walls of the vessels. This can cause hardening of the arteries, a stroke, a heart attack, and death. Many people do not even know they have high blood pressure until something like this happens. It can be caused by poor diet, smoking, stress, alcohol, being overweight, and drinking heavily. While it can be caused by a number of things, one of the main issues is high cholesterol, which causes plaque in the vessels, narrowing the blood vessels, making it harder for the blood to flow around the system, putting pressure on the heart. It is important to measure your blood pressure, in case you are suffering from high blood pressure. If you are, there are natural ways to remedy it without medication. While you could try a supplement like ‘Blood Pressure Reducer 1000’, there is also a myriad  of ways to use food and exercise. Try some of these.

Take short walks

Many jobs require sitting at a desk all day. This means that your body doesn’t move around and it makes it hard for blood to pump around the body. While you don’t want to push yourself to the limit if you have high blood pressure, some light exercise will help the blood to circulate better around the body.preview-full-shutterstock_83847391

Avoid fatty foods

While good fats or unsaturated fats, contained in olive oil, fatty fishes, and avocados, can help to reduce your weight, bad fats are a problems. These are unsaturated fats that can be found in fast foods, processed foods, animal products, and cheap cooking oils. These fats contribute to clogging the arteries and should be avoided.

Eat more cardamom

Cardamom has been shown in recent studies to lower blood pressure over time. A study in India showed that participants who were given cardamom every day over several months showed signs of decreased blood pressure. The spice comes from India and is used in curries, so making healthy curries will help you to boost these levels.

Consume garlic

Garlic is not only delicious, but it is great for the body. Amazing for your skin and hair, garlic is also good for blood pressure. Garlic has components that act by relaxing blood vessels. When the blood vessels relax, your blood pressure reduces as your circulation improves.

Take up yoga

Although the exercise will help you considerably, taking up yoga promotes deep breathing. By breathing steadily and deeply, the increase of oxygen will help to widen the blood vessels by relaxing them. Blood pressure also increases through stress and yoga helps to decrease the cortisol levels in the brain (the stress hormone).

Load up on potassium

preview-full-rehost-2F2016-2F9-2F14-2F113e7157-5b22-4301-a237-ca884d2bb538Choosing foods like bananas and potatoes can have a good effect on blood pressure. A study at Northwestern University showed that patients who increased their levels of potassium on a daily basis reduced their blood pressure. Blood pressure can be a huge problem, which can lead to death if you are not careful. The symptoms can come far too late, so taking preventative measures is integral. You can also try drinking less alcohol, lowering your weight, and eating more cinnamon. It is also integral to eat a low salt diet, as salt is terrible for increasing cholesterol and dehydrating the body; both things that can increase blood pressure considerably and cause bodily damage.

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