5 Signs You’re Dealing with an STD 

by Michael Griffin
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Having sex is really fun, and it feels super good at the same time. From the time you have sex at around 17 or 18 all the way up until your 70s, it feels great. But if you have sex with the wrong girl, that fun sex can turn into a disaster really fast. I’m talking about getting an STD. The worst part is that a lot of girls don’t even show signs or symptoms of having an STD, as they lie dormant in a lot of females. But when the guy has sex with an infected partner, they usually go right into the penis, and the symptoms almost always emerge. But even in guys, only about 25% of the time are the symptoms apparent, so be sure to always get checked for STDs if you’re having sex with multiple partners. Here are 5 signs that you’re dealing with an unwanted STD:

#1 – Burning Sensation

If your junk feels like it’s on fire and especially when you pee, then you probably caught an STD if you can remember having sex in the last 14 days or so. This symptom can be a constant feeling, or it can only happen when you’re peeing.

#2 – Sharp Pain in Penis

When you’re peeing and it feels like you’re pissing razors, it’s probably an STD if you had sex recently. In addition to an STD, it could also be a UTI if you can’t remember having sex in the last 2 weeks. But since UTIs only affect older men, it may be less likely that it’s that.

#3 – Discolored Discharge

If your penis is leaking any type of fluid, this is a clear indicator that you have some sort of infection, such as Chlamydia. The good part about this type of STD is that it’s 100% curable. All you do it take some anti-biotics and you’re back to normal after a week. But it’s a good idea to practice safe sex after that.

#4 – Pain in Abdomen  

If your abs are abnormally sore or hurt for no reason, this may be a sign of an STD taking its toll on your body. The pain could also be in your pelvic area, leading you to an even surer conclusion.

#5 – Flu-Like Symptoms

While you can get these sorts of symptoms from any type of virus, if it’s accompanied by any of the above symptoms, you can narrow down what is wrong with you even better. If you feel any of these problems after being sexually active, seek medical attention immediately. The longer you wait, the worse it gets.

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