5 Essential Nutrients that Your Body Needs

    5 Essential Nutrients that Your Body Needs

    Your body needs a constant intake of essential nutrients so you don’t come down with any serious illnesses or see any degradation of your vital organs. When you’re always dehydrated  and you’re not getting the right amount of nutrition, it can seriously impact your overall health, and even your lifespan.

    So if you’re one of those crazy people who enjoy living longer and living healthier, here are 5 essential nutrients that you’ll need to maintain solid health.

    1. Sodium
    2. Sodium gets a bad rap these days. You hear how detrimental it is to your health, and how you should avoid it like the plague. While this is true up to an extent, you need sodium so you’re able to absorb the H20 you’re putting inside of your body. Without sodium, you’d feel exhausted, and the water you drink would flow right out of your body since it can’t bind to any of your red blood cells.

      So while you shouldn’t be having too much of it, you should have around 2000mg of it per day to maintain a steady balance.

    3. Water
    4. You obviously need water to live. We all know this, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now. But most people do not even get even half of the recommended dosage of water.

      You need at least 64 ounces of water per day, and people are lucky if they get 24 ounces of water in their bodies per day. Optimally, you’d want around 100 ounces or water.

    5. Vitamin C
    6. Vitamin C is necessary for keeping your immune system in perfect working order. It’s what they tell you to increase when you’re feeling ill. It helps you ward off illness, as well as defeat any bacteria that may be lurking in your system.

      Fruits are high in vitamin C, so It’s always smart to keep them stocked up in your house at all times.

    7. Cholesterol
    8. This is another thing that gets a bad rap. While there are good and bad forms of cholesterol out there, you need the good stuff to keep your heart healthy.

      Eggs and such are stocked up with good cholesterol, and eating 2-3 of them per day is plenty.

    9. Fat
    10. Saturated fats are so good for that you that you should be consuming them daily. This is also something you need daily to get a proper balance of nutrition. Fat sounds like a bad word to most illiterate nutritionists, but you need it to survive.

    It breaks down to form good energy, and you need plenty of that, too.



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