4 Reasons to Stop Eating Sugar 

by Michael Griffin
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Sugar makes food pretty awesome, and it goes great with a cup of coffee. Without it, your candy wouldn’t exist, your cake would take like bread, and you’d have nothing to quench that sweet tooth. And while it certainly tastes great, you shouldn’t be having any of it. It’s fine to cheat once in a while, but for the most part, sugar should be part of your diet. Yes, even foods that contain even medium amounts of sugar should be avoided. Here is why: #1 – The Spikes in Glucose Is Hard on Your Body When you ingest sugar, you’re basically shocking your body with a spike in glucose, and this causes you to get a sudden jolt in energy. This energy feels pretty good, but when you’re having a glucose rush more often than once per day, it could wreak havoc on your system. For one, all of that glucose, when not used all the way through, will eventually turn into fat. Since your body usually receives a large dose of sugar at once, you often convert it into fat. This is probably the biggest reason to quit. #2 – Main Cause for Diabetes Diabetes is a debilitating disease that develops as you take in excess amounts of sugar. Most people who take in a large amount of sugar increase their risk of developing this disease by over 25%, and that’s a boat load in percentage terms. If you don’t want to live your life connected to an insulin shot, it’s a good idea to quit sugar. #3 – Ruins Your Teeth Sugar is really, really bad for your teeth. Unless you brush 3 times per day, which most people don’t, that sugar will stick to your teeth and eat away all of that precious enamel. What you’re left with is cavities, yellow teeth, and extremely weak gums. You’ll eventually lose your teeth, and everything will rot out of your mouth. Yuck. #4 – Hurts Your GI Tract Artificial and natural sugar both have been known to cause stomach issues, especially in people who are prone to such problems. When the sugar enters your system, it gets digested in the stomach and makes its way to your intestines. Here’s where the trouble happens. Because of the way sugars are manufactured, they cause inflammation in your GI tract, causing you stomach pains, gas, and general discomfort. This is not a good feeling at all, and it can all be avoided by cutting out sugar.

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