3 Prostate Diseases That Cause Sexual Dysfunction

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          Because your prostate gland plays an important role in your sexual function, any problem with your prostate can lead to sexual problems. Whichever prostate disease it may be that you’re suffering from, you’re likely to develop erectile dysfunction as a result.

          What’s even more frustrating is that certain medications and treatment options for prostate diseases can also contribute to sexual dysfunction. A transurethral resection of the prostate, for instance, can result in erectile dysfunction. Here are 3 prostate problems that can impair your sexual function.

Why Prostate Diseases Cause Erectile Dysfunction

          Decades ago, the popular belief was that psychological factors such as stress and performance anxiety caused erectile dysfunction. Although there are cases of erectile dysfunction that indeed have psychogenic causes, many cases of impotence are now attributed to physical conditions that interfere with nerve functioning and hamper blood flow.

          These physical conditions include atherosclerosis, diabetes, as well as prostate diseases and their treatments. One of the key functions of your prostate gland is to produce the prostate fluid which becomes part of your seminal fluid.

          When you suffer from a prostate disease, it will almost always have a negative impact on your sexual function. That’s because of the proximity of the prostate gland to your reproductive organs as well as its important role in your sexual function. This is one of the reasons why erectile dysfunction is so common in men with prostate problems.

  1. Prostate Cancer

If you suddenly lose your ability to achieve penile tumescence, it could be a sign that you have prostate cancer. If you consult your doctor right away, your urologist may order a PSA test to determine if prostate cancer is causing your erectile dysfunction.

It would be a good thing if your prostate cancer is diagnosed early so it can be treated before the disease worsens. However, if prostate cancer has already progressed, your urologist may advise you to have a radical prostatectomy, a procedure for surgically removing your prostate gland.

Unfortunately, such a surgical procedure may sever certain blood vessels and nerves that you need in order for you to achieve an erection. If this happens, you will most likely suffer from erectile dysfunction. In fact, reports indicate that the prevalence of erectile dysfunction in men who went through radical prostatectomy is as high as 80%.

Whether the surgery will cost you your erectile function or not will depend on your age and the location of the cancerous growth. If the tumor grew right beside your nerve bundle, chances are the nerves won’t be spared during the surgery.

In cases wherein the nerves are not completely or permanently damaged, you may still be able to recover your erectile function. However, it may take several months or even more than a year before the nerve fibers can recover.

In addition, radiation therapy for prostate cancer can also damage your erectile tissues. About 50% of men who undergo external beam radiation therapy and brachytherapy develop erectile dysfunction.

  1. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

3 Prostate Diseases That Cause Sexual DysfunctionAlthough non-cancerous, the enlargement of your prostate when you have BPH can still cause various inconvenient symptoms such as urinary problems. If you wake up too many times at night because you feel the urge to urinate, it can ultimately adversely affect your quality of life. So, you’ll need to take your medications for BPH.

Unfortunately, just like in prostate cancer, the treatments for BPH may also cause ejaculatory disorders and erectile dysfunction. The standard medication for BPH inhibits testosterone, thereby causing reduced libido and erectile dysfunction as adverse side effects.

Surgical treatments for BPH may also result in erectile dysfunction in the same way that surgeries for prostate cancer cause erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, the incidence of erectile dysfunction in men who have had BPH surgeries is lower than in men who have had prostate cancer surgeries.

  1. Prostatitis

When you have prostatitis, it means that your prostate gland has become inflamed. This condition is classified either as acute or chronic, depending on what caused it. If it’s acute, it’s typically due to a bacterial infection. If it’s chronic, it’s usually not due to an infectious agent.

The problem with prostatitis is that when your prostate gland becomes swollen, it can affect other nearby organs. In severe cases, prostatitis can directly cause erectile dysfunction. In moderate cases, you may experience a host of symptoms that can make sex painful and uncomfortable.

Symptoms associated with prostatitis include painful urination and ejaculation, fever, frequent urination, and fluid discharge from your penis. The bacterial infection may also spread to your urethra and cause your urethra to become inflamed as well.

If your condition is due to a bacterial infection, your doctor will most likely prescribe antibiotics to combat the bacterial infection. However, even when your prostate is no longer inflamed, it may still take quite some time for you to recover normal erectile function.

Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

3 Prostate Diseases That Cause Sexual Dysfunction          If you have a physical condition that causes impaired penile blood flow, then you may benefit from taking an all-natural male sex enhancement supplement. Known as safe and effective, it is one of the most popular polyherbal supplements for treating erectile dysfunction.

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