3 Factors That Lead To Delayed Orgasm

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Delayed ejaculation (DE), retarded ejaculation (RE), and delayed orgasm (DO) all refer to the same condition. When a man has difficulties achieving orgasms and ejaculating semen even after more than thirty minutes of sexual stimulation, the condition is called delayed ejaculation.

You may have experienced masturbating vigorously and yet you weren’t able to achieve an orgasm even after going at it for more than half an hour. If so, then you know how frustrating it can be. And sometimes, even painful, too. Men with delayed ejaculation often go through the same frustration every time they have sex or masturbate.

Physiological Causes Of Delayed Ejaculation

Many factors can lead to delayed orgasm. For instance, medications such as antidepressants and antihypertensive drugs may cause delayed ejaculation as a side effect.

Consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs both negatively affect sexual functioning. Chronic alcoholics and drug users often experience sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction and delayed orgasm.

Any damage or injury to the nervous system can also affect both erectile and orgasmic functions. Men with multiple sclerosis or injuries to the spinal cord often suffer from erectile dysfunction and delayed orgasm or other orgasmic problems.

When the nerves linking the penis to the brain are damaged, a man’s ability to feel penile sensations may be impaired. Thus, when having sex, he may feel that there’s not enough sexual stimulation to make him climax.

Psychological Causes Of Delayed Ejaculation

Many psychological factors affect a man’s ability to engage in and enjoy sex. These psychological factors don’t necessarily stem from a traumatic experience. For instance, religion and sexual education greatly influence one’s perception of sex.

couple having problems in bed due to delayed ejaculation The effects of anxiety on sexual performance are well-documented. Being anxious not only decreases your libido, it can also hinder you from achieving erections and prevent you from enjoying orgasms. These intense anxious feelings may come about as a result of worrying about one’s sexual performance, being afraid of impregnating one’s partner, as well as problems within the current relationship.

Sexual traumas, going through an abusive childhood experience, or being exposed to violence and hostility as a child may also cause a man to view sex negatively such that when he is having sex, he doesn’t feel any enjoyment or satisfaction from it. This may also cause problems with achieving orgasms.

Stress is also another factor associated with various sexual dysfunctions. In various studies, it has been shown that being under a lot of stress can negatively impact one’s sexual function. Glucocorticoids are important in fighting stress. However, high levels of glucocorticoids can suppress the body’s release of hormones that are important for normal sexual functioning.

Idiosyncratic Masturbation

Recent studies have shown that how you masturbate can adversely affect how you enjoy sexual interactions with your partner. If you don’t have any problems achieving orgasms when you’re masturbating alone but just can’t do it when you’re having sex with your partner, you may be suffering from situational delayed ejaculation. If you feel that this is the case, try to assess how you masturbate.

For example, if you can climax only when you masturbate at a particular speed or intensity, then that may be one of the reasons why you’re experiencing difficulties when you’re with your partner. The penile sensations felt during vaginal intercourse and masturbation are completely different. Even oral sex would trigger penile sensations different from what you feel when you’re masturbating.

According to studies, the more idiosyncratic you masturbate, the higher the chances that you would experience orgasmic problems when having vaginal intercourse. Additionally, if you masturbate with accompanying visual, tactile, or fantasy sexual stimuli, it would increase the difference between what you experience during masturbation and when you’re having vaginal intercourse.

This is often experienced by men who are used to masturbating while watching porn. If they can’t watch porn while having sex because their partner isn’t partial to porn, they may feel that they’re not sexually stimulated enough to achieve an orgasm.

Another example is when a man has a particular habit while masturbating like when he gets stimulated by the feel of the sheets rubbing against the head of his penis. That kind of penile sensation is difficult to duplicate during vaginal intercourse so the man may feel like he can’t climax while he’s inside his partner.

Dealing With Delayed Orgasm

In cases wherein delayed ejaculation is caused by a physiological factor such as a medical condition, the underlying cause is addressed first. In many instances, sexual dysfunction is reversed when the underlying medical condition is no longer present. This is especially true for medication-induced delayed orgasm and erectile dysfunction.

woman comforting her man having sexual issues When the cause of delayed ejaculation is psychological, psychotherapy is often the main mode of treatment, although there may be times when medications will be prescribed as part of the treatment. For instance, when anxiety is identified as the cause of delayed orgasm, the psychiatrist may also prescribe anti-anxiety drugs to help lessen the patient’s anxious feelings.

In instances wherein the cause of delayed ejaculation is due to idiosyncratic masturbation, consulting with a sex therapist may help. Not only will the sex therapist be able to help deal with the psychological issues, the therapist can also give practical advice on how you can get used to and gain more satisfaction from vaginal sex with your partner.

There are many instances, however, when it’s difficult for a man to talk to someone else about whatever sexual problems he may be having. Thus, many men opt for natural ways to deal with the problem such as by taking male sex enhancement supplements.

Male sex enhancement supplements are often promoted to help with erectile functions and to increase libido. The best way to get the most value for your money if you do decide to use male sex enhancement supplements is to be discerning about your supplement choice.

You should also take time to read the label and research the ingredients used in the supplement. Most important of all, especially if you’re suffering from any medical conditions, make sure to ask your healthcare provider if it’s safe for you to take male sex enhancement supplements.

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