17 Things Women Want in Their Sex Life

    sensual neck kisses

    Both men and women want the same thing in bed – good sex. While we all aim for the same objective, success lies in the details. Sex happens to be a union of two different beings with different backgrounds, thoughts, needs and wants. What the other one wants may not be what the other wants too.

    Ironically, instead of talking about it, both parties feel awkward to talk it out for fear of offending the other person or killing the mood. But, in everything, communication is key. It’s the only way to clarify things and arrive at a middle ground.

    For men who aren’t in a committed relationship, knowing what most women want about sex is an advantage. It’s like going to the battle prepared, which means victory is half won. These words from different women can give you a glimpse of the proper things to do during sex.

    1. She wants your dick clean

    Women love to give blowjobs. It makes them feel in control. Yet, don’t give them a hard time by offering them a sweat-smelling junk. Putting unclean things in the mouth just doesn’t feel alright. Make sure you have cleaned yourself before asking her to go down there. Women knew men expected them to be clean and well-groomed. They expect the same thing from you too.

    2. She delights in sex the way you do

    Don’t think that just because you’re always the one who initiates sex, she likes it less. No. She delights in sex as much as you do. Regardless of her past sexual encounters gone bad, she still wishes to have great sex.

    3. She also wants to doze off later

    While research says women love small talk and a little bit of cuddling after good sex, there are times when all she wants is to sleep. Sex can be tiring, especially when she does an unusually great job.

    4. She’s okay with distractions

    Sometimes, funny things happen during sex. You may fall off the bed, have muscle cramps or may even fart. But it’s no big deal. Don’t get embarrassed when these things happen. It will only make her feel awkward. Learn to brush it off because she doesn’t care.

    5. She hates silence

    Silent sex is preferable when there are people nearby you don’t want to disturb. But if it’s only the two of you, keeping your silence can feel awkward. She also wants to hear your voice. Moan if you have to or tell her how fantastic she is. Just utter something. It will make sex a bit alive.

    6. She wants comfort afterward

    She’s been naked the whole session. Though she feels sexy in her underwear, sleeping with an oversized shirt is more comfortable. Offer her one of yours to make her sleep better.

    blindfolded sex7. She’s prepared for rough sex

    If you delight in rough sex, she also does. Don’t be afraid to do it with her. She Won’t break.

    8. She wants you to slow down

    She knows you’re too excited to enter but don’t do it as if you’re running out of time. Slamming your penis into her cervix can be painful. She understands you want to thrust deeply, but make sure she’s not hurt in the process.

    9. She wants you to ask

    Sex is full of crazy moves that some women are able to do while some don’t. Before positioning her on a crazy move or making her do uncommon stuff, ask first if she’s okay with it. She may say yes. But if it’s no, she’ll greatly appreciate your respect.

    10. She admires a clean place

    Clean sheets are comfortable, especially when they’re newly washed. You’ll leave a good impression when you’re able to walk her into your tidy space with clean and comfortable sheets. Cleanliness is a weakness for women.

    11. She loves longer foreplay

    While everybody looks for the main event, avoid going straight for it unless you’re on a quickie. Slow and steady foreplay delights women. She even hates it when you directly explore her nether regions. Kissing her lips, her skin, her neck is a good start. Don’t forget that.

    12. She wants you to be conscious when giving orals

    Some women prefer orals, some don’t. Ask to be sure. But then, mind your techniques. What worked with your ex might not work for her. Keep asking her if she delights in the way your tongue moves. If something’s bothering her, don’t be offended for some constructive criticisms.

    13. She wants you to ask some more

    Don’t assume she’s like the woman in the porn movie who’s happy in a certain move; she may not. Ask her if the same technique that works for others works for her too. This way, you may know more about what she likes or dislikes. Let her know that you want the same too. After all, you’re still on the process of knowing what clicks.

    girl talk and gossip14. She likes to tell her friends

    There’s this thing called girl talk. It’s not some gossip thing or something that makes fun of you. It’s just the way women are. They love to share what they’d been up to. If her friend knows where your birthmark is, don’t get offended. It’s no big thing. It’s just girl bonding.

    15. She likes it when you make an effort to connect

    Spending an intimate moment with a guy isn’t just something a woman can easily brush off. Not unless you’re both strangers who happened to have a one-night stand. After an intimate night, women want to hear from you. It matters to them even if you’ll only call or send a message to say thank you.

    16. She wants you to stop when she says so

    It can be a lot disappointing, but when a woman tells you to stop in the middle of sex, just stop. It only means she’s not into it or into you, that it’s not going somewhere. She may not be in the mood too. Whatever her reason is, respect it. She’s not trying to hurt or offend you. She just can’t do it. That’s all.

    17. She wants safe sex

    For her protection and yours, wear a condom. Women truly admire men who prioritize their health and practice safe sex.


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