12 Things That Will Positively Happen to You When You Practice Semen Retention for Days

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In the previous decades, masturbation has been considered ethically unacceptable, especially around religious sects. As science developed and evolved, the beneficial effects of masturbation start to emerge.

But human beings tend to not get enough of a good thing. They oftentimes go beyond what’s normal and safe. They excessively shoot their loads whenever they can. This leads to complex problems that can be confusing. Men relentlessly seek the right solutions to their problems until they found the elixir that they believe can help them alleviate their physical ailments brought about by sexual overindulgence.

This time, the elixir man considers can bring powerful transformation to his overall wellbeing is semen retention. Semen retention is the act of avoiding or abstaining from ejaculation. Men can still have sexual intercourse but without ejaculation.

Semen Retention and Delayed Ejaculation

Semen retention or seminal conservation is not to be confused with delayed ejaculation. Semen retention is total abstinence from masturbation while delayed ejaculation has to do with orgasm control. During intercourse, you get to control ejaculation and orgasm but get into it at the end of the session. The purpose of delayed ejaculation is to enhance or lengthen sexual pleasure.

Men who have practiced semen retention attested that the practice helped them in incredible ways. One guy admitted that most of his problems including intense fatigue, unproductivity, sluggishness, depression, mood swings, and gastrointestinal issues have disappeared after three years of abstinence from masturbation.

no sex signMen feel that excessive ejaculation seems to strain all their organs, which ultimately leads to fatigue and other health issues. They believe they can regain control of their lives through semen retention.

Semen retention is not something that present-day males have surprising stumbled upon. This seminal conservation has been around since time immemorial. And it has helped countless of men in all their pursuits and survival.

Semen Retention in Ancient China

In ancient Chinese history, semen is said to be connected to your life source. Taoist sexual practices believed that semen retention enhances male physical and spiritual energies. Chinese Traditional Medicine cites that the Jing or “essence” is one of the three vital life forces along with Qi and Shen. Jing is the life force that nourishes, fuels, and cools the body. With this, jing is an important component of martial arts.

An individual is born with a fixed amount of jing. However, it can also be derived from food and other stimulating activities like exercise and meditation. Jing also plays a crucial role in longevity. Semen is said to be the most concentrated form of jing. It is a life force that can create life and holds powerful energy to create babies.

But this life force can be misused during masturbation and other forms of fluid loss. Taoist practitioners linked the excessive loss of fluids to premature aging, illness, and fatigue.

However, Taoist also sees the importance of sexual intercourse for health and spiritual connection. The right sexual intercourse can transform the jing into qi, which helps replenish life force and expands it. A person maintains good health when he ejaculates a fair amount of semen.

Other Personalities Who Practice Semen Retention

Semen retention or sexual abstinence is not alien in the business and athletic fields. Celebrities and sportsmen attested their success to celibacy or abstinence from ejaculation. They do this by transmuting their sexual energy into other creative pursuits.

Napoleon Hill cites this in his famous book, Think and Grow Rich. He suggested that the ability to practice sexual transmutation can make a man successful in inconceivable ways. Napoleon Hill knows that overindulgence of sexual desires can lead to a man’s downfall. But if he manages to transmute his sexual energies into other motivating areas, he can harness more of his power, imagination, and creativity that are likely to lead to success including the accumulation of wealth.

Science and Semen Retention

There are not many scientific studies that are associated with the beneficial effects of semen retention. Some scientific evidence that is supported by the studies on the effects of masturbation, on the other hand, shows that semen retention can increase testosterone levels and brain androgen receptors, decrease the levels of prolactin and dopamine, and increase serotonin levels. The increased levels of testosterone help in deepening the voice, thickening of hair, gaining strength, and losing weight.

Science also finds that abstinence from masturbation can have psychological effects such as heightened energy and focus, improved self-confidence, and increased charisma. All these happen because of an increase in brain androgen receptors, which greatly aid in the use of testosterone. Too much sexual activity has been linked to reduced amounts of brain androgen receptors, eventually leading to fatigue. Even a month of semen retention can significantly reduce feelings of fatigue.

Science says semen retention improves sperm motility, which is very effective for men who are trying to conceive.

One study shows that abstinence helps your testosterone to peak around six to seven days. With higher testosterone levels, your mood and energy levels are bound to improve.

Purported Benefits of Semen Retention According to Science and the Practitioners

    1. shirtless man in a towelSelf-confidence
    2. Animal magnetism
    3. Enhanced energy
    4. Mental clarity
    5. Improved motivation and creativity
    6. Reduced anxiety
    7. Increased sex drive and harder erections
    8. Deeper voice
    9. Improved sleep
    10. Clearer complexion
    11. Groundedness and calmness
    12. Spiritual connection

The practice of semen retention is not easy since sexuality is an inherent aspect of a human being. Men are considered more sexual compared to women. As such, masturbation and shooting your loads daily has become a normal part of male existence. Research even says that masturbation is linked with improved immunity.

But it’s much better to try for yourself the practice of semen retention. See how masturbation can be a form of wasting the sexual energy that you can otherwise use in ways that can expand you as a human being.

Since there are no reported significant risks associated with the practice of semen retention, setting foot on this path might be worth a try. Along the road, you may get horny and experience random erections. But these are all part of the journey. If others were able to see huge benefits and incredible self-transformation, there’s no reason why you can’t too.

If you don’t have a partner, sexual abstinence might be much easier. If you are in a committed relationship and wish to try semen retention, you can do it in two ways:

    • When you feel you’re about to orgasm, you need to pull out immediately. This is called coitus conservatus. In this case, your partner might need a vibrator so as not to abruptly stop the feelings of pleasure. Talking to your partner about it may help a lot.
    • The second technique is to apply pressure on the perineum to retain the sperm. But this one takes some skills to avoid retrograde ejaculation, wherein the semen can enter the bladder. This still allows you to reach climax and don’t cause serious harm but may lead to male infertility.

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