12 Things That Can Affect Your Sex Life Without Even Realizing It

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    We all know that hormones, health, and environment can harm or help your sex life. But these are not the only ones that can drive your sex life into nuts or make them better. Other factors can affect your sex life without you knowing it. These habits may seem ordinary but they can meddle with your sex and happiness to a certain extent. Check out if some of these things ever happen to you.

    1. Increasing waistline

    Research says that men with a higher body mass last longer in bed compared to their much fitter peers. Body fat contains higher levels of estradiol, a sex hormone that prevents against premature ejaculation. However, an excess of something can’t be good either. Too much body fat can be a risk factor for serious health issues like cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, high glucose levels, and others. All these conditions can hinder the proper circulation of blood, which may lead to erectile dysfunction.

    2. Sex toys health hazards

    According to research, those rubberized sex toys contain a high concentration of the hazardous chemical, phthalates. Because the genitals are sensitive, exposure to this chemical may cause serious health problems like lower sperm counts and lower testosterone levels. Try replacing these dangerous items with silicone, metal, wood, or glass-based items that don’t contain harsh chemicals.

    3. Cold feet

    couple in bed with socks onYes, cold feet can affect orgasm for men and women alike. In one study, after participants are offered with socks, their orgasm improved dramatically. This is because women are only able to reach a climax when they feel safe and comfortable. Socks may be the answer when you or your partner may find difficulty in achieving orgasm.

    4. Foul odor

    In one study, participants exposed to a stinky smelling room are more likely to use condoms to protect themselves. According to experts, your brain’s innate mechanism to protect yourself kicks-in in the presence of foul-smelling odors. This is kind of weird but one that helps you prevent from getting sexually transmitted diseases.

    5. Birth order

    The study says your birth order determines the number of lovers you wish to have in your lifetime. If you’re the eldest in the family, you may want to have four lovers, on average, before settling down. It’s because you identify more with your parents and the norms of society. With the youngest siblings, having as many lovers as they want could be possible since they don’t adhere to expectations and limitations.

    6. Cycling

    Cycling can be a good fitness regimen but it may put you at risk of erectile dysfunction. While cycling, your perineum is constantly exposed to the pressure from the seat, which may lead to poor blood flow and nerve damage. This can cause tingling sensations and numbness in the penis that can likely lead to erectile dysfunction. If cycling is your cup of tea, you can continue to do so without harming your sexual functions by adjusting your seat to a degree that doesn’t cause harm to your perineum. Using pads is also helpful.

    7. Bad breath

    Bad breath is an ultimate turn off but the damage can go beyond what you smell. Bad breath occurs when there is a presence of bacteria in the mouth, which is likely to cause gum disease. When these bacteria enter the bloodstream, it can clog the blood vessels. Poor blood flow can lead to erectile dysfunction. There is enough reason why you need to floss or check with your dentist.

    8. Junk foods

    Eating junk foods will definitely fill your body with junk. These junks can include refined carbs, sweeteners, and unhealthy fats that are likely to affect proper blood flow. Not having enough blood to the genital area can prevent you from having an erection. Might as well junk the junk and go after foods that enhance proper blood flow like fruits and vegetables to keep your sex life healthy and happy.

    9. Excess sodium

    Eating regularly of salty foods can pose a greater risk to your kidneys. But the problem can go beyond possible kidney damage. Your sex life may be at risk too. Sodium is linked to high blood pressure, which is a known risk factor for lower libido. Avoid salty and prepackaged foods that are also high in sodium content.

    busy man getting busy on the side10. Hectic schedule

    Too busy even to have sex? Busyness is the ‘in’ thing nowadays. With too many distractions around you, it’s simply not easy to ease up and, well, get some rough riding sessions. A hectic schedule can hamper your sex life and intimacy. Always putting off time for sex and intimacy may put a gap in your relationship until you’ll no longer be able to recognize your partner. Don’t wait for your desire for each other to wear off. Take time out and escape to an intimate place where the two of you can enjoy each other’s company.

    11. Routine

    Sometimes sex can feel like a routine or a responsibility that you have to do. The spark is gone as well as the interest for each other. This can happen to any couple, especially when both of you are trying to make both ends meet. But do not be caught with the boredom of life. Spice things up. Change or remodel your room to make it new, or have sex in the kitchen; just make sure the kids aren’t around. Use sex toys. Basically, you can try a lot of things to spark the desire once again.

    12. Communication gap

    Sometimes, not speaking about your true feelings can hurt the relationship as well as your sex life. Your partner deserves to know your true feelings, especially when it comes to sex. What you want to happen may be a challenging thing for your partner. But you can avoid hurting their feelings when your intention is to improve your relationship and your sex life. No matter how negative a thing may appear, when you say it with good intentions, you’re likely to come to an agreement that is advantageous for the two of you. Never underestimate the power of communication. It’s the best tool to clarify things and put them in proper perspective.


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